The impact of labels and package design on consumer behavior

When businesses engage in marketing activities, they tend to focus most of their energies on the promotional aspects. What is just as important is the packaging of your product and services in order to improve the perceived value of your brand. Using labeling and packaging to improve your brand value. It is important that labels are used to enhance the brand’s perception and differentiation from other similar products that are available in your market. Label printing offers more than just a printed message. It conveys your brand message and promise to your consumer. Developing a brand with your customer audience is about developing trust. This trust builds the perceived value and allows people to buy more from you and to refer your product or service onto friends, peers and family. It also allows you to justify your price and can factor positively into increasing your prices over the long term.

Marketing expert Elmer Wheeler preached that when selling something, you need to say it with flowers. What he means by this is how the product or service is coming across is important with influencing your prospect. It is important to connect the sizzle of your product and service and to combine it with showmanship. This is where the way you package your product becomes important. Is the packaging of your product or service adding value and credibility to what you are pitching? And if not, do you know how to improve this?

Professor Albert Mehrabian demonstrated the importance of nonverbal communication in regards to the impact of words, images and tone of voice when communicating. Author Mike Parkinson from the blog Billion Dollar Graphics advocates the power of visual communication through graphics and images. In his post “The Power of Visual Communication”, he talks about the profound effect that images, labeling and packaging have on how we feel and how we engage. People respond differently to image and text visuals that will cause them to take action or inspire them.

Below are a few methods that can be used to enhance the perceived value of your brand.

Use photographs.

If you want to make your brand come across more professional and high-profile, you need to make sure that your advertising uses high-quality and high-resolution photography in its promotions. Use of animations and images can easily make your brand look cheap. Use high quality photographic images to give your brand the perception of prestige.

When using prints for your products packaging or labeling, always opt for the highest quality.

If it looks cheap, then people will perceive it as being cheap. You need to demonstrate the value of your offering through the packaging. Carefully consider the materials that will be used and the finish that the printing solution will provide.

Make sure the messaging on your packaging and labeling is clear.

You want to make sure that your product or service labeling clearly communicates to your customer exactly what it is they are buying into and the brand that they will be experiencing. This means there needs to be a clear heading and text that will allow the customer to understand exactly what ‘brand’ they are buying into. If the brand’s message isn’t communicated well, there will be a risk that the brand will lose the interest of prospective customers at the point of sale.

Make sure the packaging doesn’t overpromise.

It is easy to get customers upset. False advertising breaks trust and can lead to negative reviews, making it more difficult for your business and brand to maintain value. Set and manage the expectations with your packaging that will over deliver and improve the perceived value of your offering.

Brand packaging consistency.

People will begin to trust and forge a relationship with your brand. It is important that you maintain a consistent image with your brand’s packaging.

Packaging can help improve your business’s sales performance. It is the final opportunity to persuade the customer to commit to the sale. It needs to take into consideration customer appeal, market differentiators and how it can improve the value proposition of the product or service on offer. Start implementing label and package design strategies to improve the consumer behavior of your target audience today.

PS: The link to “The Power of Visual Communication” has been removed since it was reported broken.

Author: Kar

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