#IncomeKaTopUp – Plan for a better future with Exide Life Income Advantage Plan

With rising inflation every day, the annual increments which we receive are not sufficient to ensure a better future. We need to plan every day for a better tomorrow through plans which will pay a better return on our investments. That being said, understanding investments is not a cup of tea for professionals who are not from the domain of banking and financial services. Further lightening and thunders in life strike without warnings in various forms and stages. So how should we plan to move ahead in our life and ensure a stable financial future?

One such recent opportunity has been brought out by Exide Life Insurance. This organization is a reputed insurance company operating in the life insurance sector in India from 2001. They have a broad category of financial products for the retail customer such as Protection plan, Savings and Investment plan, and Pension and Retirement plans. The company is 100% owned by Exide Industries Limited.

In recent times, the company has brought out Exide Life Income Advantage Plan for working professionals, entrepreneurs and careerist professionals   who are looking to plan for their future, not only through savings but also through financial insurance for the unpredictable hiccups of life, which often are unforeseen. This is a unique savings cum insurance product that provides both regular guaranteinsurance_investmented income opportunities and life cover for those untimely moments, if they occur. Under this plan, you can choose from two types of financial payout options as per your requirements, helping you to benefit from the bonus payouts, if any. The plan is affordable and caters to every individual’s need for a second income as well as paves the path for a future, based on contingencies.

Under Exide Life Income Advantage Plan, individuals need only to pay premiums during the first half of the term of this policy. During the second half of the term of this product, you receive regular guaranteed income on an annual basis from Exide Life Insurance, which bolsters your existing sources of income. On top of it, one may also benefit from additional income every year that is paid on account of applicable bonuses, if any. The policy terms offered under the plan are 16, 24 and 30 years during which the customer enjoys life insurance cover. Interestingly, one can also avail of guaranteed  income during the benefit payout period and all applicable bonuses, if any accumulated over the period may be obtained as maturity benefit under this instrument.


The uniqueness of this insurance cum savings product lies in providing long term, tax-free second income offering reasonable returns powered by guaranteed benefits and upside of bonuses. An added value proposition is that Exide Life Income Advantage Plan comes with options of riders as well, to enhance protection levels, based on the needs of an individual or a family.