Understanding the Role and Power of Attorney General

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This article explains you with the power and responsibility of the attorney general:

The major role of attorney general is to play as ministry advisor. In this capacity, the lawyer has the responsibility to represent the interest of Ministry at Cabinet. In addition to this, he is also the chief law office of the executive council. Here the role is referred as Judicial like and guardian of the public interest.

The statutory responsibilities of the Attorney General are mentioned below:

  • Examine the administration of public affairs
  • Shall be superintend all department matters
  • Will have the responsibilities upon all matters of law connected with legislative and matters of law referred by the government.
  • Shall advise the government department of the legislative nature and measures under the law
  • Advice heads of ministers and agencies of Government upon matters connected to the agencies.

Also known as Chief Law Officer, the general also has the responsibility stated by the rule of law. Moreover, advising the cabinet regarding the rule of law maintained and are legally constitutionally. It is important to follow the legal advice given by the attorney general towards certain work.

Some other power and duties:

  • Attorney general is the representative of the public in legal proceedings and work according to the protection of public rights.
  • The general has the right to defend the constitution of bills referred to Supreme Court under Article 21
  • The general also works under certain state act under which the attorney is advisable to work upon
  • One of the major powers of attorney general is the responsibility for criminal prosecutions giving authority to legislate the matter under criminal justice.

In addition to follow specific responsibilities, the attorney has litigation responsibilities to performed for the government and public.

Above all responsibilities and power, the attorney has to look upon maintain the liaison with the judiciary. One need to understand and know these responsibilities and power that will be levied upon once placed into the position. Attorney general is regarded as the most admired role in the profession of law and one need to perform according to the rule set by state court.

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