10 Most Promising Start Ups to Follow in 2017

Many startups are gradually gaining prominence in this digital era, due to the innovative offerings and innovative business plans they are enabling. In this article we highlight some of the most innovative ones we found which started recently.


Let’s start with Hudl, a unique tech tool built to be used by athletic teams. How does it work? It helps teams win more games. Essentially it allows coaches and teams to work better together through its online platform which makes it possible to share videos, notes and other forms of data. This means a coach can send the team’s players data about the upcoming game or tips on what diet or nutrition to follow in order to help them perform better.


In case you don’t know, Kubernetes is a program that was created by Google a couple of years ago. It was used to manage a huge amount of containers. Heptio is a start-up that plans to take the software to the next stage. They plan to make the program accessible to companies all over the globe with their new business model for it.


With the backing of Amazon, Nucleus plans to revolutionize how we see intercoms. With the help of Amazon’s Alexa, Nucleus will allow its users through touch screen devices to talk with people in different rooms as well as neighbours or other people using the same device. It can also be used as a browsing tool to listen to news or music while in different rooms.


When it comes to mobile security we’ve come a long way and Pindrop plans to take us even further. This innovative tool is able to detect when someone is trying to steal your identity via your phone. Many corporations including big banks and legal advisors are already using the tool to flag possible risky calls and prevent fraud.


Ever wanted to go to a very popular restaurant without having to wait in line for when a table opens up because you didn’t make a reservation sooner? Nowait allows users to get in line even without being at the restaurant yet. You can track which place you have in the line and receive an estimate of how soon it will be your turn to enter through the Yelp app which works directly with Nowait.


This unique start-up has built into an app an assistant that can help you prepare for meetings and conferences. Accompany takes data from social feeds and gives you information and suggested topics about people you’re about to see in a business meeting.


AbaloPublicidad is a start-up and online store which sells top of the line office tools and gifts. This includes from work clothes all the way to agendas and pen-drives. What’s special about it is the wide variety of products and the innovative platform it uses for its e-shop. AbaloPublicidad is one of the most promising start-ups for 2017.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is another unique webshop but in this case, it specializes in wines. It’s a distributor of some of the highest quality wines in the work and offers delivery services for the wines bought through its store directly to your home. Wine Outlet has been extremely successful thanks to the demand for good wines and for the detailed reviews it offers for each of them.


Leade.rs is an innovative start-up that offers a new way to keep up with the latest updates of some of the most influential people in the world. It’s also a great to discover new personalities that strive to improve and lead the world.


Lola is a new start-up and app that plans to replace travel agents by offering some incredible new ways to plan your trip. Firstly through the app you can come in touch with other travellers and professional consultants who will help you with your travel plan. It’s a great way to start a journey when you’re not too sure about how to go about it.

Which start-up will you follow in 2017? Did they of these pique your interest?

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