5 Rewarding Ideas For This Summers Corporate Event

Sometimes, the best way to build comradery amongst team members is to get the team out of the comfort zone of the office. People from all departments of a corporation look forward to the summertime tradition of getting together as a corporate family and taking in new sights, sounds, and activities. The summer months will be here more quickly than you think. Some preparation today can go a long way toward creating memories that your employees can look back on fondly for the rest of their careers, if not the rest of their lives.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at five fantastic ideas for this year’s corporate outing:

1.) Take the Office on a Tour of London

The best way to learn more about the city where you live, work, and play is to experience it from the perspective of a tourist. You may be surprised how much you don’t know about the city you call home. For tours that are designed for business teams, take a look at Team Tactics summer events for a list of London activities.

2.) Game of Zones!

No, that’s not a typo and we’re not talking about the popular TV show. Game of Zones was launched in London in 2017 and offers a variety of exciting games and activities for the whole company to enjoy. Named after another TV show, Crystal Maze, Game of Zones consists of four different zones throughout London including Futuristic Zone, Industrial Zone, Medieval Zone, and Ocean Zone. Teams use iPads and follow an interactive map as they unlock fun and challenging tasks to complete along their journey. Not only is Game of Zones an absolute blast, it can serve the purpose of bringing your employees closer together through communication and cooperation.

3.) Get the Team on the Water

Few things are more relaxing and enjoyable than floating down the Thames, drink-in-hand, taking in the scenery that London and surrounding locales have to offer. Depending on the personality of your corporate team and the type of activates they enjoy, different cruise options include sightseeing cruises, dining cruises, and custom cruises where you choose the itinerary. Schedules can fill up quickly for Thames River cruises, so it is important to get the ball rolling on our summer event plans as soon as possible.

4.)  Sporting Events

Take in the game from the stands or get your competitive juices flowing on the field. Either way, sporting events are a great way to enjoy time together as a team while taking in our lovely summer weather. Depending on your budget, there are plentiful sporting options available, including golf, sailing, horse racing, polo, cricket, rowing, and tennis. Planning your event now with an experienced company can leave you free to enjoy the festivities with the peace-of-mind that everything is taken care of.

5.) Honourable Mentions

It would be a travesty to limit this list of rewarding summer corporate events to five, so we’re going to cheat a bit and use number five to highlight some of the other options you have. If sporting events, Thames cruises, sightseeing, or Game of Zones isn’t your fancy, consider:

  • Party bus
  • Painting
  • Treasure hunting

And, don’t forget the tried and true company picnic. A day at a park or similar outdoor setting can be what you make of it. A company picnic allows you to customise the components of your outing to meet the needs and desires of your team, including their preferences on catering, entertainment, and activates. There is no shortage of fantastic options in and around London; the key is planning now to make this year’s event the best ever.

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