6 Strategies Getting Your Blog on the Map

Starting a blog is as easy as ABC; it’s the maintenance of your blog and its promotion that requires a little bit more effort, but it is vital. It’s all well and good that your blog exists in cyberspace however, it is vital to draw readers to your blog and well put it on the proverbial map. Try one or all 6 of these nifty techniques and watch your blog soar to new heights.

  1. Know Your Goal

Many bloggers will admit that when they started their blog it was based on one idea, but in time they deviated from their original idea so much so that the blog no longer served the purpose it was created for. Assesses the aim of your blog. Focus on that aim and ignore anything which is not relevant. Make sure your aim is being met, and stick to it. Consider this: when it comes to blogging, if the aim of your blog deals with something that is not worth sharing then your blog will have no purpose, and no one will even bother reading your blog.Special programs are aired on msnbc news channels  headed by expert business panelist

  1. SEO

SEO is a short and sweet acronym which stands for search engine optimization. Consider how you are creating your blog titles. Seasoned bloggers will have learned that although poetic titles may have a lovely ring to them, without well-placed keywords these posts aren’t bound to get any hits. This is because search engines rely on keywords to rank your blog as relevant, and without using keywords and SEO strategies, search engines won’t see you or send readers your way. For blogging purposes, titles should be rearranged so the main keywords flash up first.

  1. Don’t state, Communicate

Face it; wordy press releases are just plain boring. If you want to resonate with your audience, use a friendly, conversational tone rather than a formal one. This way you can use your blog to reach a wider audience and provide a narrative which your readers can truly relate to.

  1. Never Neglect Your Blog or Other Blogs

It’s important to show readers that you too are an avid blog reader. Drawing attention to other blogs or linking other blogs to your blog is a sure way to gain blog traffic. Blogging doesn’t stop with a blog post every week, it’s vital that you respond to feedback from your audience.

  1. Develop a Marketing Strategy

A blog needs some form of a marketing strategy. The point of any blog is to be read, and just like with any other goods or service, you need to be constantly and consistently promoting your blog. No matter which channels you opt to use, let your inner blogger come to the fore in all your conversations as well as in all your social media channels.

  1. Use Guest Bloggers

Some blogs might be much more recognized than yours; this doesn’t mean send hate mail to those bloggers, but rather liaise with them and see how you can emulate their success. Why not pitch them a post for their blog, or ask them if they would be prepared to feature as a guest writer for yours. This will get you more recognition in the blogosphere as well as provide backlinks which will strengthen your SEO.

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