How To Get In Front Of Your Customers

The biggest challenge in business is finding and securing customers. Your goal is to turn them into repeat business who will help sustain and grow your business. You can’t do this if you’re always chasing and never closing sales.

The more consumers you get in front of, the better your chances at building relationships and watching them turn into lifelong clients. It takes creating a strategy and putting in effort to make sure you’re seen by the right people at the right time. It’s all about timing and relevancy when it comes to touching base with your target audience. See how to get in front of your customers.


Everyone is online these days. This means your customers are searching and clicking to find answers and information. Design an attractive website that draws customers in to want to learn more. Post relevant and interesting content that grabs their attention and creates a sense of urgency for them to share the post with their network. Use SEO tactics to ensure you show up in search results and that customers are seeing your website. Maintain your website with pricing and contact information so customers don’t have to go searching for details about your company.


Host events that welcome new customers and show your appreciation for the loyal ones who’ve been with you over the years. People are drawn to fun events that have food and giveaways. Secure branded items from promotional products Australia so you’re prepared for your event when the time comes. These type of products provide increased brand recognition. Your customers will be excited to win free items and you’ll be happy because they’ll be advertising for you in their daily life. This will keep you in the minds of your customers even when the event is over. It’s a great way to get your customers talking about you with their friends and family.

Social Media

Similar to your website, your customers are also spending lots of time on social media. It’s a good idea to create pages on the various platforms and build a following. Use social media to promote events, share content and engage with your audience. Be there to help answer customer service inquiries and respond to feedback. Put a member of your team in charge of your social media pages so you keep them updated and answer fans in a timely manner. Brand your pages with your colors and logos so you’re highly recognizable right away. Run contests and highlight the winners on your social media feed so they visit and share with their networks.


Set aside budget for attending conferences and sponsoring meetings and special events. This way you’ll get your name printed in the booklet and can set up a booth onsite to talk with attendees and share about your business. Sponsoring sessions and events is worth your money because of the brand recognition you get from doing so. You never know who you’re going to meet or what kind of conversations you’ll be engaging in. Your goal is to generate consumer preference and to foster brand loyalty. Put your business front and center so you’re visible to your target audience. You’ll most likely get media exposure, in addition to brand awareness. You’re increasing your reach and contact with new clients, customers and businesses. Remember to collect attendee information to generate strong leads for your business.


Become a thought-leader and offer your audience the opportunity to attend webinars. They’re perfect for busy customers because you can attend from anywhere. Do this in addition to posting useful content on your blog. Share important information your audience cares about, so they continue to attend as time goes on. Market your webinars to secure a strong turnout and make them worth everyone’s time. Have different instructors participate who can help you draw in larger audience sizes. Gather feedback to make adjustments for your sessions going forward. People want to learn and sharing valuable information is a great way to put yourself in front of a large group of potential customers.


Launch a newsletter and gather names so potential and current customers start opting in. Email is a guaranteed way to get your brand in front of some of the people you’re targeting. Work with your team to create a design that’s eye-catching and engaging. Be mindful not to overload your audience with too many emails in one week. Spread out your campaigns and messaging and create separate distribution groups to avoid overdoing it. Come up with ways to collect new names and email addresses so you’re always building a strong list of audience members. Be strategic and organize different groups based upon their interests, location and status as a customer. Always be thinking of enticing headlines for your newsletter so you get a better open rate.

Gather Feedback

Customers will appreciate you reaching out to them for feedback. Send a short survey with a few important questions you’re trying to get answers on. Make sure you take action with the feedback and don’t let it sink into a black hole. Other ideas are to invite them to the office, take them out for coffee or pick up the phone and call your customers on an individual basis. Gathering feedback is time consuming, but it’s also valuable information that you can use to improve your products and services. Take their comments seriously and understand where they’re coming from. Reaching out for feedback is a great way to touch base with customers because you’re not selling to them. You’re simply showing you care by getting their input on a particular topic.


It’s not easy finding your target audience in a sea of people. That’s why you have to come up with strategic ways to make sure the right people are noticing you. Try one or more of these ideas to get you started. Remain patient and adjust what’s not working for you as you go. This is how to get in front of your customers.

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