Thanking you all for #aBeautifulLife – Happy Women’s Day

For each of the big successes in our lives, there are at least a few women who makes it feasible for us to reach up to the stars. Most prominent among them is probably our mother who shapes our childhood and prepare us for our future. Then comes the lady of our lives who continue to support us in all the ways possible, throughout the rest of our lives. They continue to make small sacrifices, so that we can focus on what we like doing and reach our destiny. In our lives, they are the ones who never stop believing in us, our dreams, our passions, they do all that they can to inspire us in the roller coaster journey we happily call life. In return, while nothing is really expected, we would love to do small things for her, so that they can also follow their dreams and passions. The constant support which we give each other makes our life a beautiful one.

This video is indeed an inspiring one that highlights how the relationships are mutually fulfilling, enriching and complementing in the journey of life. So how do I empower my wife, to protect her future? Being both in the same domain, i.e. academicians, we complement each other in understanding the needs of the hour and our professional commitments. Small things matter a lot in such plans. Teaching her driving, ensuring she understands the financial management, planning for contingencies, all can have an everlasting impact in terms of empowering the women in our lives.

One such major plan which could empower them and provision for a better future in case any accident happens to you, could be an online term insurance plan. One should obtain such term insurance plans especially if one is the sole breadwinner of your family, one is servicing a loan or have any financial liabilities or one is a young parent. While the future cannot be really account for the personal loss, the provision for financial safety in times of need, can really prepare your family for times of needs when it pours.

There are other insurance plans also which can provide financial stability during duress. Such plans are also there for terminal or critical illness to take care of the exponentially rising medical expenses during such trying times. One such insurance could be related to cancer insurance.  Any Indian citizen, between twenty five to sixty five years old can get such a plan, with expiry till seventy five years. These plans have provisions for multiple claims for early-stage cancer, premium relaxation if cancer is detected in early stages, 100% cover amount payable even during late-stage detection for a cover amount of up to Rupees 50 lakhs.

We definitely would want to ensure that with our planning for today, our family’s future is protected for the future. Isn’t that the most suitable gift for this women’s day? Do give it some thought.