Top 10 Websites Where You Can Earn Money by Blogging

The growth of the Internet has made it possible for a lot of individuals to completely do away with the idea of having to travel several miles and work in a predefined time to earn. Today, it is possible to earn money from the comfort of their home, while also being free from any obligations or contracts over a long-term period. This freedom is provided by the rise of blog writing opportunities. Today, there are several sites that aid a freelance writer to earn money by completing writing jobs or even host their own blog. Here are the top 10.



HubPages is one of the popular platforms where bloggers can publish articles in order to earn money. Unlike many of the niche websites that cater to a specific segment of writers and blogs, users with a varied niche can have their articles published on HubPages.

The site works on the principle of a program that uses Google AdSense and affiliate programs that aim to make money by selling stuff on the likes of Amazon. Writers will be getting access to a network that has more than 42 million readers each month, making it one of the popular venues.

Rather than just being a one of discussion, HubPages also serves to provide the opportunity to start conversations, share interesting pictures and videos, and even improve knowledge. Users can ask questions and get answers, while the excellent set of tools helps create an audience rather quickly.

HubPages places a number of requirements before the articles can be published on the network. The minimum criteria is that the article should be at least 1150 words, while it should have appropriate formatting, structure, and information that would enhance the network’s quality. The network works on the basis of a revenue sharing program where the writer gets 60% out of the total impressions.


Squidoo is a platform that offers users the opportunity to share data and news on any topic that they wish to write a blog about. Started in 2010, Squidoo started achieving a lot of popularity straight away and hit 1.5 million lenses.

The Squidoo lenses are the actual content on the platform, which is completely free to join. Users can share almost any data on the website, which makes it ideal for part-time bloggers and those who want to tell extended stories. The platform works on the principle of a revenue share with ads for products on the likes of eBay and Amazon being promoted alongside the articles.

Any revenue generated by the affiliate links will be split 50-50. Squidoo will transfer the funds directly through PayPal, making it convenient and easy. One of the most attractive elements of this platform is the ability to start earning money through blog writing even before an individual starts a blog. It also acts as a great promotional tool for business owners, as the promotions here are free and effective. While this will not be an option for a full-time revenue generation, Squidoo can be a great tool for new bloggers.


One of the biggest marketplaces for a freelancer, Upwork has just about every option for a blogger looking to make money through either blog writing or freelance writing. It is free to sign up and a writer can use their blog as a promotional tool to market their services. Since Upwork is a safe platform for the exchange of services, one can be sure that they would get paid for the work that they have done. The growing equipment for bloggers and writers on different niches mean that the writer section on Upwork is extremely busy with several thousand jobs posted each day.

Apart from being hired while using the blog as a promotional tool, an individual can also get any assistance with regard to improving the blog on this platform. Hiring is quick and easy, and it does not take long to find work either. In many ways, Upwork can open up a whole new world about being a freelancer, as it is possible to work on anything like a highly technical software according to blog writing and earn money.


FundsforWriters hopes to encourage an individual’s passion by providing the option to put high quality content, which could even be a novel. It is also possible for writers to place practical articles that provide useful information for the readers. A huge advantage of this platform is that only high quality submissions are accepted. As a result, mere acceptance into the network is a testament to the quality offered by the blog writer, and it could serve as a promotional tool for future purposes.

The network has a huge list of do’s and don’ts in order to produce the content that meets the requirement of the site. Articles need to be from 500 to 600 words in order to be eligible, one that should be a specified introduction, content, and conclusion to each article. Since FundsforWriters focuses on enabling a platform that would enable writers to make a living, it is a great platform. The blog writers can expect $50 for the original articles, while the exposure received for a blog cannot be quantified.


Fiverr is a great tool for someone who may not be a full-time blogger or writer. However, they can make use of the numerous promotional tools available at Fiverr, where all services are available for a nominal figure. The starting price for all services is $5 and it represents the concept of the site. Yet, it has now grown to the position where writers can put up blog promotions services – even like a sponsored review – for much more. Apart from being an indirect opportunity to increase the popularity of a blog, it is also possible for writers to get side gigs through this platform.

The international popularity of this platform means that users can get a payout in five major currencies like US dollars, British pound, and euros. The price range of the service or product on Fiverr ranges from $5 to $10,000. The platform estimates that a new service is sold or bought every five seconds. Thus, it can be a great tool to increase skills and opening up the blog to a new platform.


SponsoredReviews takes up the concept of paying for a review and takes it to a global scale. Bloggers can use this platform in order to earn money, as it will be able to provide cash in exchange for honest reviews about the products or services from an advertiser. Rather than being restricted when directly dealing with the advertiser, SponsoredReviews helps in providing the freedom to come up with content that matches the style of the readers, but it does use special proofreading marks. As a result, everyone stands to benefit – including the writer.

The art of being connected with an advertiser in order to provide good quality reviews is not accessible to everyone. As a result, blog writing often does not get monetised fully. SponsoredReviews is a platform to plug the gap. Irrespective of the age of the blog, it is possible to get accepted into the platform where there are several thousands of blogs. Google still relies upon links as a key way to decide the authority of a site. Writers who have a blog with high authority can in turn use this to provide knowledgeable information to the reader while earning money at the same time.


PayPerPost provides an opportunity for those who write blog to monetise their content with sponsored editorials. This happens to be a great opportunity to promote the blog, as it explores a different niches. It can also provide significant ideas to the writer while managing to stay with the content of the blog. Began more than 10 years ago, it is one of the significant tools available to monetise content. The platform uses various criteria in order to sort out the low quality blogs from the high quality ones. The prices vary depending on the quality, and buyers can also choose the sites based on their preferred niche.

The availability of a huge space to work upon gives bloggers who work with PayPerPost the chance to monetise almost every type of content. Even though the concept of this platform has considerably changed with the page rank not being published anymore, it still manages to occupy a significant space when it comes to the blog monetising opportunities.


Listverse serves as a platform to put articles that have a list of 10 items. As a blog writer, individuals can even come up with a list of top 10 blogs and use the same to feature their own blog. Listverse also opens up to a great world of opportunities, as writers can receive $100 for each list. The money will be paid through a PayPal account, and the platform is so legitimate that it does not accept writers who do not have a PayPal account. Each article needs to have come close to 1500 words in order to be accepted, while the global popularity of Listverse makes it a writer’s dream to cover almost every category.

It is possible to find categories of almost every type like news to sports. As a result, there is no shortage of opportunities to write about and Listverse can be providing the big bucks in no time. The only limitation of this platform is the limited opportunities to promote a blog, while the same format can tend to becoming boring for the writer.

Blasting News

Blasting News is a supremely popular platform that will provide writers with significant cash should they become part of the network. While getting acceptance into the network happens to be one of the toughest aspects due to the high amount of competition and editorial requirements, those who make it can use their blog writing skills to earn several hundred dollars for each article. The biggest advantage of the Blasting News network is the global exposure. Since the platform acts high on Google, it is possible to get several thousand readers on each published article.

The platform works on the principle of revenue sharing, while they are also quite open about the pricing policy through a public calculator. The revenue made by each article is dependent on various factors like the location of the traffic, article category, and the source of the traffic. A blog reader can easily look at around $25 article is a minimum while the upward limits are quite high.

The Dollar Stretcher

Even though Dollar Stretcher is a network where the primary motive is to provide opportunities to stretch that dollar, it manages to provide a great way to help blog writers to earn money while also contributing something significant to the community. The Dollar Stretcher gets over a 1 million page views every month, making it quite popular in the online fraternity.

The competition provided by The Dollar Stretcher is quite handsome, as they will provide up to $0.10 per word. As a result, a blog writer stands to make a decent $300 even if they work on just three articles with 1000 words. If the writer is in the United States, payment can be made via a check. If not, people happens to be a preferred option. All the articles paid by The Dollar Stretcher belong to the site.


The growing opportunities with regard to monetising your blog – or using other tools to enhance the visibility – make it ideal for someone in 2017 to earn a decent living, while still managing to remain flexible.

While all these options can provide some significant pay and also offer multiple avenues to promote the blog, it should be remembered that they do not start rewarding the writer instantly. Due to the high competition, there may even be instances where a writer has to wait a plot before they get accepted. Yet, these can be quite rewarding and they are some of the top sites to earn money by blog writing.

Do you know of other websites where you can earn money with blog writing?


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