Top home warranty companies in the UK

Home warranties are designed to offer peace of mind that any break down in the home appliances will be fixed without bothering you. Even though product warranties last for at least 10 years, it is important to consider what is not covered in that period as you may think. Home warranty services go beyond the services offered by the homeowner’s insurance and therefore, they are becoming very popular with the passage of time.

Here are some of the top-rated home warranty companies in the United Kingdom.

Row Appliance Insurance: This home warranty company is awarded the “Best Appliance Insurance Provider” at Insurance Choice in 2016. The advantage of taking up insurance from this company is that you will not have to involve in a long-term contract and avail attractive benefits such as claim up to 2000£ just paying £1.49 every month.

Reactive Insurance Kitchen Essentials: This home warranty service offers accidental and breakdown damage to all the essential kitchen appliances. They offer a varied range of options that let you take control of any breakdown around the house featuring unlimited call outs and all-inclusive fees being accessible 24×7.

Warrantywise home appliance plan: This service provided comes with a promise that you will not have to pay any excess fees to be it replacement fees or call out charges. The monthly charge starts from £4 onwards, and you can receive up to £5,000 per claim. The best part of this home warranty company is that it covers an unlimited number of appliances regardless of how old they are.

Home Rescue Appliance cover: This home warranty service comes in various forms where the standard one covers 5 appliances, and the monthly cost is £12, basic one covers 3 appliances, and the monthly charges start from £10. Still better, you can go for the premium insurance cover where the monthly costs start from £22, and you can get 7 appliances covered.

Surewise Appliance Cover: Among the various options available, in the Bronze appliance cover you will not have to pay any call out charges yet get all your kitchen appliances covered. It offers nationwide repair network where parts and labor are covered. On the other hand, in the silver appliance cover, you will get your home and kitchen appliances along with the home entertainment systems covered. There is no limit on the number of items that are to be covered, and the service is authorized and regulated by FCA. Last but not the least, in the Gold appliance cover, the monthly cost is £21.99, and you can enjoy £800 per claim with an unlimited number of appliances covered.

There is a lot that makes these home warranty services one of the most sought-after services in the United Kingdom. But before you choose a service provider, it is advised to do your online research in popular sites such as to know more about how these services work and compare prices and enjoy this amazing incentive for the safety and well-being of your hom

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