Wooqer allows me to get my message out and communicate to 100+ stores across geographies

Just like Erick, Wooqer has helped countless retailers across the world take control of their Retail Operations. Wooqer enables them to set expectations, share guidelines, measure compliance and get 100% visibility into what is happening at every single store, every single day, building accountability at every level.

As retailers evolve from being one or a few retail stores, to becoming a retail chain, ensuring consistent operations and customer experience across stores becomes challenge.

To achieve this behemoth task, the Retail Operations Head or Retail Director has to her disposal e-mail, phone, insta-messengers, pen and paper checklists and a whole lot of freeware. While a combination of these does make the task somewhat possible, their inherent lack of structure leads to serious inefficiencies. What follows is a lot of effort wastage with thousands of calls, mails, messages and never ending travel. As the network grows larger, executing even the smallest of things becomes a large project.

As problems become unmanageable and if and when budgets are available, the Retail head starts procuring solutions to support. But long decision-making, approval and procurement cycles mean that she is always solving yesterday’s problems, in face of a fast evolving marketplace. By the time solutions become available, needs evolve further. Even if they work, over time, given the number of solutions procured, getting people to use them becomes a challenge by itself.



Wooqer helps!

The Wooqer Retail Operations Platform enables Retail teams to get out of box industry standard solutions for their day-to-day needs. The ability to refine these processes basis organizational needs, enables super fast execution without any technical dependence. The ability to use from any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or a PC, makes it usable for retailers of all shapes and sizes, getting great user adoption along the way.

It’s no wonder then that retailers from across the globe have adopted this easy to use platform for managing their retail Operations.

The impact of Wooqer for a Retail organization has now been captured in a Harvard Case Study that is part of coursework across B Schools. But what excites the company most, is the thousands of ways in which Retailers leverage the platform every single day and how benefit from it.

“Wooqer has ensured that all the tasks are done as intended and has filled in gaps between available technology and activities done”

SUMIT DHINGRA, COO – Gant, Nautica, Aeropostale



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