What Is SEO Content?


Simply means search engine optimization and this term is used to describe a website ranking process. Search engine optimization is necessary for people finding web pages. When a site has been properly formatted with SEO techniques it will usually rank higher up in page rankings. Web surfers will be able to easily find the pages. Let’s further explore the SEO process and what must be done to make it work. Continue reading “What Is SEO Content?”

The Relationship Between Behaviour Change and Storytelling

These days stories are told, listened to and shared every day by millions of people online. How these stories are delivered and how we translate the content, determines the effectiveness in influencing Behaviour Change in people.

When we are younger, much of our education and cultural understanding is based on storytelling. As we grow, our attitudes and opinions are influenced by the stories we hear daily. These can be in the form of news articles, or simply by stories we overhear from friends and colleagues. Continue reading “The Relationship Between Behaviour Change and Storytelling”