Hacks to help you get ahead in business

Everyone dreams of being successful and making it in the business world. You may even think that you could make it on the next season of the Apprentice; however, the reality could be slightly (or vastly!) different. Remember, if you want to get ahead in business then you won’t only be able to rely on your acute business acumen and mathematical skills, you will also need sound communications skills, a good ear and the ability to spot new trends before your competitors do. So, you feel like you are stuck in your current position and need a boost to help you get ahead, then these essential hacks will make sure that you can take the next step on your business career ladder.

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HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan – A Tale of Two Investors

Ashish and Bala are both 50 year old Vice Presidents in a renowned IT firm. Both are looking to retire in about 10 years’ time and want guaranteed income for their lifetime once they retire. Incidentally, both have received handsome bonuses recently, which they want to invest in an instrument that will help to ensure a guaranteed income post their retirement (at age 60). Continue reading “HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan – A Tale of Two Investors”

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Challenges Faced By Indian Businesswomen and How To Overcome Them

  •  Women run only 14% business enterprises in India
  • Lack of education and patriarchal issues are challenges
  • Women also find it difficult to raise credit for their business
  • Collateral-free loans, workshops can make a positive change

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