Automating the Sending of Postal Mail

PostalMethods automates the sending of postal mail, which is a more effective way to communicate in this challenging time. It is indeed a tough task to important mail documents like letters, invoices, contracts through postal mail; it becomes the cumbersome and intensive task for the business professionals who need their messages sent immediately through lesser intervention.

The more effective way to send mail is PostalMethods service, which offers a modern, quality controlled and secure service, removing the need for you to purchase equipment.

Using the United States Postal Services (USPS) with snail mail is like an intensive labor these days; the business world needs to avoid the situations, which lead to disaster or loss of business through delayed communication. A new model is the PostalMethods Service ( which sends the snail mail through an easy interface sets communication.

The Process and Cost

PostalMethods service eliminates the need to employ a regular staff and manage the process directly. From the moment PostalMethods Service receives your data, it dispatches it and handles everything itself by releasing the pressure off the professionals.

PostalMethods Service makes mailing online as simple as possible to improve the communications in the business world. The process is simple in three steps:

1 – Submit your document via the web, by email or through a simple API

2 – They automatically print, collate, insert and stamp your letter

3 – Your letter is delivered via standard postal service

The service is the low cost, which takes $1.02 for the first page and 0.18 cents for the additional pages. It provides such benefit to the users that paying this price instead of a traditional stamp through snail mail is not a huge ask. The system automatically retains the copy of the letter sent, and the customers can review it later easily at any time.

Additional Features and Benefits

PostalMethods also provide the API integration with invoicing software such as Blesta, Quicken Online, Harvest, Xero and many more. Moreover, it is easy to use platform which comes with a free developer account so you can test and see your letter before you ever invest any money. It also comes with no monthly fees and the service is HIPPA compliant as well.

PostalMethods connects to the business via API to output documents. The users are not required to use any printers or an envelope to send the mail. Sending letters through PostalMethods is as easy as mailing online through an automated email service. The service does it all for you to enhance the user’s ability to send postal letters directly from their product and charge them directly. It reduces the need for the use of physical letters, which brings a great vision for the company to make improved communication through technology.

PostalMethods simply uses the efficient technology and saves time and money for the business professionals. The physical letters that were once sent are being replaced by the electronic invoices now, which allows great features with application integration. The data transfer between the applications and entities has never been better.

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