Selling AdvoCare Products: 3 Online Marketing Strategies that Work

If you want to become successful in multi-level marketing, it is crucial to implement an excellent online marketing strategy because consumers are now more engaged online than any other marketing platforms. Before even planning your next online marketing campaign, it’s important to understand the AdvoCare products you’re selling, how the business works, and the compensation plan through different online resources such as

AdvoCare top performers are hard working people, but you also have to work smart. In this post, you’ll learn the actual grunt work needed to succeed. Top distributors and advisors, or even the AdvoCare Success System rarely share their secrets, but knowing these online marketing strategies can help you to plan your road map to success.

Here are the three marketing strategies that would help in selling AdvoCare products:

1. Social Media Marketing

The essential ingredients in selling AdvoCare products include prospecting and follow up. You can increase the number of your prospects through social media networks. It’s also an excellent way to follow up interests, orders, and potential customers. Here are some ways to do that:

● Upload images, videos, and article posts of AdvoCare products on Facebook.

● Tag and share them with your friends or make it public if your account is on a private setting.

● Select a specific number of people you’re going to share the opportunity through social media in a consistent manner every day. Starting with 2 to 3 target number per day is a great way to achieve small wins to fuel your motivation.

● Encourage close friends and family members to convince their social circle to also promote AdvoCare products by sharing posts with your AdvoCare free website URL. In this way, potential clients are directed to your website to check and avail AdvoCare products.

● Re-target audience who are interested in health, wellness, and fitness, or a specific demographic profile like using Facebook Pixel and Boost.

● Promote AdvoCare products on a higher level through Facebook Ads such as Photo Ads or Carousel Ads.

2. Video Marketing

Everybody is crazy about YouTube, most especially millennials, and you can win their hearts too when you’re selling AdvoCare products. If you have a knack to do and upload videos, has excellent communication skills, and confidence to talk in front of the lenses, then Youtube marketing is a good idea. A video marketing content can reach millions of viewers by implementing the right tactics. Here are some ways:

● Take advantage of viral marketing to spread information about AdvoCare products and services by embedding your video content on relevant blog posts or sharing the video link in a LinkedIn group discussion.

● Focus on a video content that delivers value to your audience by creating and uploading insightful, informative, and entertaining content. This type of content has higher chances of people sharing it.

● A contagious content is one that uses narratives because people naturally love to share stories.

● Inject your video contents with real emotions because feelings are powerful to initiate reaction and course of action.

● Utilize multiple video marketing channels apart from YouTube, such as Vimeo.

● Take advantage of live streaming features, like Facebook Live and Periscope like a video of you drinking Spark or Rehydrate after a workout.

● Upload short form AdvoCare product videos from Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to optimize your online content for search engines, like Google, so they would show your site on top result of ranking for searches of a particular keyword. Effective SEO strategies include as follows:

● Simple Link Prospecting. Open more opportunities to optimize your site which means more potential customers and sales. For example, an additional link exists on blog communities or online forums.

● Publishing Awesome Infographics. You can use Canva free account to create your DIY AdvoCare infographics.

● Getting Contextual Links. For instance, create a website via WordPress and build backlinks through your AdvoCare free website, social media posts, and YouTube posts.

● Use long-tail keywords or 3 to 5+ words on your content which are more specific, with less traffic and competition. Long-tail keywords and question and answer content will also help optimize and make your site voice search compatible.

● Optimizing your website through SEO tools such as Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, or Cognitive SEO.


You’ll find lots of online marketing strategies you can use to promote AdvoCare products like pay per click, email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. With creativity and research, you can step up from the rest, remain competitive, and have more exposure using a right combination of different online marketing strategies.

Author: Eddy

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