Information Technology and Information Systems

People often use the terms Information Technology and Information Systems interchangeably, although both the terminologies have established identities of their own. However it is crucial for every professional and individual to understand the subtle differences that defines the individuality of these disciplines. Information Systems (IS) is a discipline bridging the business field and the well-defined […]

Marketing using Technology-The Sales and Marketing Productivity Systems

Over the past three decades, subtle changes have taken place in the theory and practice of marketing which has been reshaping companies. These changes have also been evident in marketing and management related information systems. The transaction based view and relationship based view of marketing is no more. Today, it is the era of information […]

What Is SEO Content?

SEO Simply means search engine optimization and this term is used to describe a website ranking process. Search engine optimization is necessary for people finding web pages. When a site has been properly formatted with SEO techniques it will usually rank higher up in page rankings. Web surfers will be able to easily find the […]