Investment and Personal Finance

Investments and personal finance is a domain every working professional has to be wary and savvy about. Without proper planning for their savings, one may face mid-life crisis when financial inflow may become less regular or less in value. Thus the domain of investments and personal finance is gradually increasing in prominence for the common man. Continue reading “Investment and Personal Finance”

10 Easy Ways to Make your Business More Eco-friendly

It’s no secret that sustainability is trending louder than ever, people are finally starting to consider the environment in their action and they are supporting businesses that do the same. Therefore, the efforts you make to Green up your business can help you gain a few more customers while you curb your eco-footprint and save some money on your bottom line. Below are ten easy ways to make your business more eco-friendly. Continue reading “10 Easy Ways to Make your Business More Eco-friendly”

Essential Services Every Business Needs

When reading through any guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur, there are some things that will inevitably come up: you’ll need determination to get your business started, creativity to get you out of difficult situations, and, of course you’ll need to know the ins and outs of the industry you plan to take over. While all of these traits are important, it’s equally important that you realize you won’t be able to run your business by yourself. Continue reading “Essential Services Every Business Needs”

Things You Have To Realize Before Creating Your Marketing Plan

When you want to launch a startup that will be successful, there are so many things that you have to think about. The pressure that is felt is quite high, especially with the first startup an individual launches. Besides the launch, you also have to think about marketing and that only makes everything more stressful. Continue reading “Things You Have To Realize Before Creating Your Marketing Plan”

Innovations in Business Telecommunication and Networking

Face it; the telephone is still an extremely important tool for business even now during the technological age. With all of the devices that people use everyday, it has still not rendered the telecommunications industry useless. It has actually helped businesses boom from all of the possibilities way they now have to connect with their customer base and their peers. Continue reading “Innovations in Business Telecommunication and Networking”

Meet 5 fastest growing new age digital companies in India

The IT and the ITeS industry in India is progressing in leaps and bounds. One of the good indicators of a better economy is not when the market leaders grow and take the industry with them. It is when the smaller entrepreneurial ventures starts growing with a fast pace and provides novel dimensions of value to the ecosystem. One such emerging domain is in the Digital Marketing space. In this article, we review 5 of the faster growing companies which are providing immense value to their stake-holders in this ecosystem. Continue reading “Meet 5 fastest growing new age digital companies in India”

Three Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy on the Cheap

The people who work for your company are the lifeblood of your business. There is a reason why labor strikes are such an effective collective bargaining tool. Without skilled workers, your company shuts down. It is as simple as that. Being too cavalier about the general mood of those who work for you is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  Continue reading “Three Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy on the Cheap”

4 Association Marketing Tips To Increase Memberships

It’s no secret that memberships are the life blood of business associations. However, the wide availability of free information on the internet has made membership growth more challenging in recent years. Add to that the changing mindset of millennials, and associations have a lot on their plate. Continue reading “4 Association Marketing Tips To Increase Memberships”

Saving costs by going all IP

A lot of communication equipment have become IP based. The days of using an ancient PBX intercom system are over. Assuming you have an office space, and the usual office space has an intercom system, security surveillance and internet connectivity, the equipment not running on IP will require separate cabling for all three systems. It will be a huge headache to manage them independently and the cost of cabling each of them will also add up. Instead of having independently running systems, we now have the option to run a single IP network and plug all these devices onto it. With proper planning and network design, you can have voice and data running together on a single IP based network. Continue reading “Saving costs by going all IP”

Why size does matter when it comes to your firm

Does the size of the firm you work for have any real bearing on your long-term career prospects – not to mention your general well being? Are you better off working in a large or small firm? We take a look at these issues.

Should the number of partners and fee-earners on the books be a deciding factor when weighing up the pros and cons of moving to a particular organisation? There’s a school of thought which suggests it’s better to be a large cog in a small machine. Equally, it can be hard to resist the lure of a magic circle firm – even if that means turning down a seemingly more attractive offer from a smaller player. Consider the following… Continue reading “Why size does matter when it comes to your firm”

Tips For Beginning Gold Miners: A Modern Day Gold Rush

In this day, there’s a different kind of gold rush brewing. Due to the price of gold rising so rapidly, entrepreneurs have come out of the woodworks to try their hand at prospecting for gold. It’s not quite as easy as the plethora of television shows make it seem. Mining for gold ends in broken dreams and empty bank accounts for most adventurers, but it is definitely possible to defy the odds and be one of the few people that strike it rich in the mining business. Before you go tearing feverishly into the ground, here are a few tips to assist you on your journey to success. Continue reading “Tips For Beginning Gold Miners: A Modern Day Gold Rush”

How to Market Your Business Cheaply

If you have just started a business, you will no doubt be eager to expand your client base and spread the word about what you do and how you do it. However, it can be hard to do this without having any funds to spend on a marketing campaign. Conversely, it can almost be financially riskier for a business not to market themselves. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of cost-effective ideas you can use to increase your revenue. Continue reading “How to Market Your Business Cheaply”