The Top Advantages of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services You Should Know

If you’ve been thinking about switching over to cloud storage solutions and cloud business intelligence but haven’t quite made up your mind regarding its real advantages to your enterprise, you should know that a lot of companies have already jumped on the bandwagon – and reaped the benefits. One popular cloud management solution is Microsoft Azure, and it has already made a name for itself. This has been proven by Azure cloud services being recognized as the leader in cloud infrastructure services in the Cloud Infrastructure as a Service 2017 space of Garner. So, what else should you know about Azure services and its advantages? Let’s find out.

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The Rising Value of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies act as a unit of exchange and a place where one can store assets without relying on any central financial institution. The value of the cryptocurrency market has climbed to new heights this year, rising more than 1200%. The total market capitalization of these digital currencies rose to $230 billion recently. The volatile cryptocurrency’s value has shifted wildly even since mid-December. Apart from the impending prospects of regulation, a series of high profile thefts have also had a hand in the sudden rapid dips in the value. As for what drove the sharp increase, analysts have pointed out the following key factors: Continue reading “The Rising Value of Cryptocurrency”

High Street Retail Outlets: What Makes a Successful Shop in This Day and Age?

In today’s digital age, no industry has been hit quite as hard as the high street retail outlets. With online shopping being all the rage, it’s not difficult to see why more and more people are opting to use the Internet instead of going to their favourite stores. From clothing and accessories to electronic equipment, almost everything can be purchased via the World Wide Web with very little effort. Continue reading “High Street Retail Outlets: What Makes a Successful Shop in This Day and Age?”

Analytics Program for Executives – IIT Delhi

Data science jobs are now being rated as the sexiest job of the century. There is a huge demand for professionals having in-depth knowledge in the domain. In view of this IIT Delhi has a execuive programme planned for data analytics and data science enthusiasts.
The advertisement will be out in formal channels soon. This is in my personal blog.

Tips for Making a Secured and Reliable Online Business Website

When establishing a business website, you should prioritize security as much as any other feature. Even a relatively simple breach could cause devastating damage that might disrupt customer experience and impact revenues. There are many solutions you could implement that will secure your online business including getting reliable hosting and installing layers of security.  Continue reading “Tips for Making a Secured and Reliable Online Business Website”

6 Tricky Steps To Create Profitable Affiliate Blog Post

One of the most common questions experts usually have to come across is ways to get started with the vast world of internet marketing. Picking a proven form of the business model and selecting a perfect niche is not everything you need to get, as there are more to it. You have to evaluate the profitability of the business niche you are selecting and monetize the field of affiliate marketing, as you don’t have the items yet. However, it might sound a bit simple, but it is rather complex than that. There are some easy yet promising methods designed to create profitable affiliate site. You can catch up with those amazing 6 points and then work on some of the examples, for better understanding. All these you can get online though.
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HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan – A Tale of Two Investors

Ashish and Bala are both 50 year old Vice Presidents in a renowned IT firm. Both are looking to retire in about 10 years’ time and want guaranteed income for their lifetime once they retire. Incidentally, both have received handsome bonuses recently, which they want to invest in an instrument that will help to ensure a guaranteed income post their retirement (at age 60). Continue reading “HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan – A Tale of Two Investors”

7 Tactics to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Social media marketing has been the trend nowadays because almost all of the people are very active online. This fact can be both positive and negative for your business. It’s positive because there’s a wide opportunity that you will be able to introduce your brand to a lot of people. It’s negative because it means that there’s more competition in the market. If you want a relatively low-cost option but high performing strategy to increase your brand’s presence online, then social media marketing is the way to go.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Ads for Your Business’ Advertisement

Why you should use Twitter Ads

Regular users may not find this option necessary. Entrepreneurs wishing to grow their business understand that one needs to spend money to make money. Though other platforms offer advertising options, Twitter has proven to be superior above other social media platforms due to their targeting feature. Other platforms do not provide this kind of accuracy. Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Ads for Your Business’ Advertisement”

The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power

Today, we had a brief panel discussion on the Digital India in RS TV, which is the platform from Parliament. Certain points were discussed, and although I had little time to discuss all the points, thought of sharing my perspective on Digital India. My take on this is as an academic who works in the domain of digital transformation and public policy. Points are brief, and lot more can be covered if the opportunity is presented. Continue reading “The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power”