How to Plan your Financial Goals Effectively using a Home Loan EMI Calculator

If you have decided on investing in a property, there is no better time than now. With promising long-term growth of property prices while being able to secure ownership, it makes for a good prospect. Funding a new home purchase is not easy and this is where a home loan can assist you. Home loans help you with the immediate funding of your property while you make repayments through EMIs over a selected term period. To help with your financial goals and make you planning process easier, you should use a home loan EMI calculator. This online tool is great for an effective and efficient long term financial planning.

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How a Feature Rich Accounting Software Can Help Grow Your Business

The key to any successful business is having a solid financial foundation to create a profit. What makes a business profitable is ultimately having more money coming in, than money going out. A pragmatic accounting system allows a business to efficiently monitor your business’ income and expenses to keep your profits on track for success. If you are failing to audit the expenses of your business, you could be hindering the growth of the company.

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Insure your travel – Better safe than sorry

Insurances serve as a backbone in trying times which we simply dare to miss. Earlier, insurances addressed only accidental deaths, to imply the meaning in a broader sense. However, insurance services have gradually spread in leaps and bounds to provide financial coverages in varied sectors, from accidents to various health issues and vehicles to realty sectors. Travel insurances have also gained immense popularity with better and growing economy, enabling good number of people shifting abroad for education or tourism alone.

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3 Areas to Invest in for Your Business

As your business grows, it is necessary to invest some of your profits back into the company to maintain a steady upward trajectory. There are many different factors that you need to consider when deciding how to invest in your business. This guide will explain three of the most important things that you can do to ensure your company has the best chance of growing and becoming more profitable.

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A Brief Guide for preparation of the LIC agent exam

LIC is the biggest and renowned insurance company in India that has maintained its top position from the last 60 years. This pubLIC sector unit offers various facilities to its customers such as Life Insurance, Investment Management, and Health Insurance. And a LIC agent is the one who encourages its customers to purchase required poLICies. Every year LIC releases notification through its official website in the month of September for vacancies which are bifurcated regionally. Many people aspire to work for this prestigious firm. Becoming a LIC agent is suitable for those who have the aspirations to excel in business, soon after they complete higher secondary education. This exam comprises of 150 questions and the total marks allotted is 150. In this article, we have tried to explain in details of LIC agent exam syllabus and the preparation methodology.

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Guide to Fundraising Campaigns for Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising can be seemingly confusing, even frightening… but it doesn’t have to be. As you can see… no great fundraisers are born. They’re made. Anyone can grow into a great fundraiser by mastering the tenets behind fundraising, then practicing repeatedly. While some individuals are naturally gifted to raise funds, mostly everyone in the fundraising industry started out feeling uncomfortable and confused.

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Here’s a checklist to follow while investing in Mutual funds

Creation of wealth is a challenge to almost every individual who wants to have better financial stability in future. Investors can take advantage of the capital market by investing in mutual funds. This financial tool is pretty sophisticated, and a simple definition is not enough to comprehend the entire modus operandi. It can be confusing and therefore, we need to understand how it works so that you can take your first step towards this journey. Here is how to invest in mutual funds:

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Why Artificial Grass Could Be Right for Your Lawn

Ever since you were young you will likely have remembered seeing your mother or father working tirelessly on your front lawn and they would tell you it wouldn’t just be for it to look as good or as green as possible. As the years have passed and you have grown older you have began to see things from your parents’ side and you will realize that having a front lawn with brilliant looking green grass isn’t just good on account of the fact that it looks good. But that there are also a whole host of practical benefits to having this well-kept space of grass at the front of your house.

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Smart Saving Solutions – One Click Investment – – A Smarter You

We all know that our personal finance and investing strategies need to be dealt in a prudent way. Your investment targets and financial requirements are some of the crucial factors which need to be considered before allocating money in any financial instrument.However, investment decisions require a lot of information processing. Many end up not undertaking the journey due to concerns surrounding the decision processes.

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5 factors to Consider Before Buying A House in Delhi

Buying a home or property is a decision that requires you to put in immense time and energy. This especially holds true, when buying a home in a thriving city like Delhi. The capital of India, the city boost of a dynamic real estate market that make it a great location to make an investment in property. Additionally, factors such as easy connectivity, lauded educational institutions and growth in professional opportunities make it a favorable location for new home buyers.

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7 Lessons to Remember When Investing In Property

Investing in properties is a huge deal and can help you pave your way to financial freedom. But we can’t deny that there are some issues you can encounter from it, especially if you make mistakes that could have been easily prevented. That’s why research and knowledge are key, so you know you invested in a property that can earn in the long run.

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3 Common HR Challenges for Small Businesses (and How to Fix Them)

In small businesses, a well-functioning HR department can make a huge difference to productivity and company culture. However, not all businesses understand how best to use their HR teams to make the most of their workplace boosting capabilities. Running a small business is always going to involve overcoming HR hurdles, so let’s discover 3 common HR challenges and some potential solutions to these issues.

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