A Brief Guide for preparation of the LIC agent exam

LIC is the biggest and renowned insurance company in India that has maintained its top position from the last 60 years. This pubLIC sector unit offers various facilities to its customers such as Life Insurance, Investment Management, and Health Insurance. And a LIC agent is the one who encourages its customers to purchase required poLICies. Every year LIC releases notification through its official website in the month of September for vacancies which are bifurcated regionally. Many people aspire to work for this prestigious firm. Becoming a LIC agent is suitable for those who have the aspirations to excel in business, soon after they complete higher secondary education. This exam comprises of 150 questions and the total marks allotted is 150. In this article, we have tried to explain in details of LIC agent exam syllabus and the preparation methodology.

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Perks of Hiring a Professional Painting Company for Your Business

If your business is considering taking out a remodelling project for office, warehouse, retail space, or any other commercial business, then exterior and interior painting must be in your to-do list. When it comes to projects like painting, you have to be very considerable for that. After all, it is your place where you run your business from, and painting is usually once in a while project. Therefore, it makes sense to get the job done by professionals. They know how to manage cost, time, and resources to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned a few benefits that you can get if you hire commercial painters. To learn more about them, continue reading!

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What is SEO and the role of content marketing in SEO? SEO Explained

Many businesses and brands know that they need SEO for their digital assets. Consumers live in a digital world, and the majority of the buyers search online before making a purchase. Businesses that haven’t leveraged SEO are already left behind. They are missing out on the opportunity of adding great value to their brand and business.

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The Role of Digital Marketers in helping Business Startups

A startup will have relatively fewer resources and a limited reach to customers. Working with startups can be a quite tricky prospect because you have to work with what you have. It’s not uncommon to find digital marketers who have opted to work with the more recognizable businesses around. Seemingly, most people are not ready to take the risk to grow a business.

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Why your business needs customized decals?

Businesses need marketing for better growth and high profits. Using the right kind of marketing tools and techniques can help your business achieve its goals and can also convert the failure of a company into a big success. The key for a company to be successful using the marketing strategies is to let people know more about the business as much as possible. Using custom decals in this way can be highly beneficial for people to know about your brand. These decals are pasted on business vehicles, and the cars with decals move around, people will notice the stickers of your business, and this gains attraction of the public. Following mentioned are some of the reasons for which you, as a business, should consider using custom decals as a marketing strategy for your growth.

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Start-up Tips: Designing Creative and Eye-Catching Product Packaging

Packaging design is pivotal in capturing customers’ attention and convincing them to buy a product. According to research, 7 out of 10 shoppers decide their purchases in the store, and 1 out of 10 will change the brand they’ve previously agreed on. The implications of these findings further back the importance of having attractive packaging.

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How to create a high-quality B2B explainer video that works

A video is a perfect tool that you can use in B2B marketing. Video marketing is currently at its level best. Almost every business is using video marketing for getting sales and leads.

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4 Content Marketing Strategies to Try in 2019

Content is the core element that makes up most social media and digital marketing efforts by businesses of every size today. With increased connectivity comes the necessity for brands to compete in getting the attention of consumers. If a company wants to connect with potential customers, content needs to be at the center of all marketing strategies. This year, if you want to build an authentic relationship with your target audience, you need to look at the following strategies.

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Higher Level Fundamentals for Photography Business Cards

You may have read tips for photography business cards like using stylized logos that clearly indicate the type of photography you do or integrating your best sample photos into the business card. Here are a few higher-level fundamentals for photography business cards.

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Getting To Know Quinton Oswald Vero Beach

Quinton Oswald Vero Beach is an entrepreneur of great renown. Hugely active in the big Pharma and biotech industries, he has left his mark through the more than 30 years he spent there. Oswald exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit like few others do. He had a vision and went after it, and that drive and determination has birthed a number of significant developments, including recently being nominated for a medical award.

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