Business 101: How to Incorporate a Company

The perfect way to take your business to the next level is by incorporating it. Company incorporation opens up the company to a number of corporate benefits including Limited Liability tax choices. In case you do not want to become a Limited Liability Company, then you have to ensure that your business or company is fully incorporated. Continue reading “Business 101: How to Incorporate a Company”

Getting your small business off the ground

Starting a business is tough; it takes incredible levels of planning, commitment and passion. Whether it’s your passion for a product, an innovative idea or a certain lifestyle that’s driving you– there are a couple of things that can help your business get off the ground. At the end of the day this business is a huge investment of your time and finances so avoid easy to make mistakes by following our top tips below.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Business Expansion into New Markets

When You are Ready to Expand into New Markets – Here is Your Guide

A Guide for Businesses that are Considering New Market Expansions

 Author Thomas L. Friedman (The World is Flat, 2005), has produced an intriguing look at economic globalization in the 21st century and its potential for huge trade expansion, outsourcing, as well as impact on business practices and raising millions of people out of poverty. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Business Expansion into New Markets”

5 Cost Cutting Ideas for Small Businesses

There are two ways to increase the revenue for your small business: increase sales or reduce expenses. Increasing sales is always challenging as it needs heaps of marketing budget. This is one reason why most small businesses prefer cutting cost whenever they want to increase revenue quickly. According to McKinsey Quarterly survey, 79% of businesses have cut costs in response to economic crisis. Continue reading “5 Cost Cutting Ideas for Small Businesses”

Process Mapping Basics for Small Business Enterprises

When you think about business process mapping, the general impression is that it’s only applicable to large organisations. On the contrary, small business enterprises can benefit greatly from business process mapping concepts. The trick is to keep it simple and focus on the difficult details later on. This article aims to help you get through the hard part, how to get started. Continue reading “Process Mapping Basics for Small Business Enterprises”

How to Start a Home-Based Medical Billing and Coding Business

If you are thinking about starting a home-based business, one career you might want to explore is Medical Billing and Coding. While you will need to study to be certified in this career, the length of an online program is short in duration and codes are standardized so that you can draw clients from literally anywhere in the country. In other words, you are not limited to your own city or state.

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High Street Retail Outlets: What Makes a Successful Shop in This Day and Age?

In today’s digital age, no industry has been hit quite as hard as the high street retail outlets. With online shopping being all the rage, it’s not difficult to see why more and more people are opting to use the Internet instead of going to their favourite stores. From clothing and accessories to electronic equipment, almost everything can be purchased via the World Wide Web with very little effort. Continue reading “High Street Retail Outlets: What Makes a Successful Shop in This Day and Age?”

10 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business

You’ve no doubt read the post-mortems on many a failed startup. Bootstrapping a company in this economy can be brutal, and staying in business is just as challenging: even startups with billions on hand can fail.

How can you keep from becoming a statistic? Luck and economic circumstances will always play a part in the fortune of any business — but there are steps you can take to make the most of what you have. Continue reading “10 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business”

How to Manage Your Business Operations While You’re Away

We are human beings, we all need a vacation from our everyday chores, business, family, everything! Owning a business is like owning a child. It becomes impossible to leave it alone and go on a vacation or holiday. But everyone needs a physical and mental break so that when they come back after relaxing they have a new perspective to see life and full of energy to face the coming up challenges. Continue reading “How to Manage Your Business Operations While You’re Away”

Professionalism is a Must: 5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do to Make a Good Impression

As an entrepreneur running a startup, making a good impression definitely plays an important role in facilitating the growth of the business. At the heart of this, professionalism forms the core attribute that a business must exhibit. Failure to properly convey this attribute in its service delivery almost certainly ruins its chances of surviving in the brutally competitive business world.
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