How to Build Your Ecommerce Business Efficiently

The number of success stories that have come about from the world of ecommerce are great and have been well documented. What is less talked about are the millions of other companies who are trying to emulate such success. To do so takes courage, determination and a great strategy and with this in mind we explore how to build your ecommerce business efficiently.

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The Importance Of Keeping Up With Some Of The Big Trends In Business Today

Small businesses rely on technological advances to compete with established brands and corporations. This advantage only works if the returns on investments are good. Big industry trends are a big deal for the industry because they lead to immense advantages, too. Currently, social media engagement, selling products online, interactive advertisements, content marketing, big data and analytics, and customer targeting are some of the important trends. To learn more about the importance of staying in touch with technology, keep reading. Continue reading “The Importance Of Keeping Up With Some Of The Big Trends In Business Today”

Website Essentials for Novice Business Designers

Designing your business website is a process that takes a very specific collection of knowledge.  You have to be in tune with the ways in which technology and the internet work in today’s communities.  You have to have a basic understanding of the experience of web users, and cater to the needs of your digital audience.  Take a moment now, and set yourself a basic foundation for designing your business website.  Continue reading “Website Essentials for Novice Business Designers”

Simple Marketing Tips Any E-commerce Store Owner Can Implement

Marketing in the digital age is both easier and more complicated. It is easier because you have more ways to reach a very targeted audience, allowing your business to benefit from a stream of potential customers. On the other hand, the available digital marketing instruments offer more targeting and analytic tools, making it more difficult to formulate a suitable campaign for your business.

4 Tips for Starting Your First eCommerce Store

Forming your first eCommerce store is one of the most exciting entrepreneurial experiences. Not only are all the tools ready for you to go, but the overhead doesn’t have to be nearly as bad as you might imagine. And if this is something you’ve been considering doing, then there are a few essential steps to take first. Continue reading “4 Tips for Starting Your First eCommerce Store”

3 Business Benefits that Amazon FBA Sellers Can Get From Hiring a Sourcing Company When Importing From China

China has emerged as the favourite import hub for most American sellers. Cheap labour, low-cost resources and higher profit margins make Chinese imports a lucrative option especially when selling on platforms such as Amazon. The recent Fulfillment by Amazon program and the advanced e-commerce tools have also tempted many sellers to try their luck with selling imported goods. The Amazon fulfilment facility has helped sellers improve the supply chain and logistics by sharing their burden and ensuring that the goods reach the customers on time.
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6 Tricky Steps To Create Profitable Affiliate Blog Post

One of the most common questions experts usually have to come across is ways to get started with the vast world of internet marketing. Picking a proven form of the business model and selecting a perfect niche is not everything you need to get, as there are more to it. You have to evaluate the profitability of the business niche you are selecting and monetize the field of affiliate marketing, as you don’t have the items yet. However, it might sound a bit simple, but it is rather complex than that. There are some easy yet promising methods designed to create profitable affiliate site. You can catch up with those amazing 6 points and then work on some of the examples, for better understanding. All these you can get online though.
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If You’re Not Doing These Things in 2018, You’re Not Doing Business

2018 is the year of distraction – honestly, we might have said that in 2017, and we may say it again next year, because each year seems to bring a little more information overload and add a little more to the to-do list. Continue reading “If You’re Not Doing These Things in 2018, You’re Not Doing Business”

Why Wholesale Businesses Need to Take the eCommerce Path

eCommerce is a booming industry, but with the way it is talked about, it would seem like it’s targeted toward retailers only. However, taking your wholesale business is not just a wise move, it’s basically an inevitable one if you want to succeed and keep up with your competitors. Here’s why. Continue reading “Why Wholesale Businesses Need to Take the eCommerce Path”

Things You Need to Do for a Successful eCommerce Business

Setting your first store online and open for business is straightforward, but getting sales and increasing your business is the real hard part. The following are important things you need to do to make your eCommerce business a long-term success.

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The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power

Today, we had a brief panel discussion on the Digital India in RS TV, which is the platform from Parliament. Certain points were discussed, and although I had little time to discuss all the points, thought of sharing my perspective on Digital India. My take on this is as an academic who works in the domain of digital transformation and public policy. Points are brief, and lot more can be covered if the opportunity is presented. Continue reading “The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power”