Are Robots Ready to Completely Go Online? Analyzing The Crucial Role Cyber Security Will Play in Future Robotics

A while ago, Ken Goldberg a respected inventor and researcher in the field of robotics together with Matei Ciocarlie, an assistant professor with an interest in robotics gave a Google talk about robots with their heads in the clouds. Continue reading “Are Robots Ready to Completely Go Online? Analyzing The Crucial Role Cyber Security Will Play in Future Robotics”

How to Know Which Ink Cartridges Will Meet Your Business’ Demands

Consumers want to make informed decisions when choosing ink cartridges and other printing supplies. When comparing costs you therefore need to look at a range of factors, including quality, reliability and productivity. Continue reading “How to Know Which Ink Cartridges Will Meet Your Business’ Demands”

Drone Tech Applications in Business

With drones becoming increasingly popular around the world, corporations are honing in on this new technical advancement to see how exactly these nifty unmanned aerial vehicles can help them maximise profit and even help the environment. Scores of individuals are also using drones for fun, and some are even making their own equivalents by hand, though we’re not exactly sure how to build a quadcopter – the drone alternative – or how easy it is. So, one question remains: how are drone tech applications in business going? Continue reading “Drone Tech Applications in Business”

The Many Benefits You Will Get from Photocopier Leasing

Photocopiers are generally expensive. Buying this huge hardware will cost a lot for your business. If you settle for a lower-end model just so you can afford to buy one, it is not a practical choice. You should just go for photocopier leasing in Oxford instead. There are companies in the area offering photocopiers for leasing purposes. After the contract is finished, you can just return the photocopier to them. You also don’t have to settle for poor quality models because even the higher-end models are affordable. Here are some more benefits your business will get from leasing photocopiers. Continue reading “The Many Benefits You Will Get from Photocopier Leasing”

Owning an iPhone X: is it really that difficult?

It has been more than a decade since the first iPhone was launched by Apple. Recently, the company launched its next flagship model – the iPhone X.

The updated version hasn’t disappointed many people, thanks to its sleeker features. For example, iPhone X has 5.8″ OLED display, faster A11 Bionic processor, glass body, Face ID, edge-to-edge display, wireless inductive charging, Animoji and much more. However, the sleeker look comes at a cost: Apple’s latest smartphone has been priced at an eye-popping Rs 1.15 lakh. Its exorbitant pricing has spooked many people in India. But, is it really that difficult to buy an iPhone X? Continue reading “Owning an iPhone X: is it really that difficult?”

How to Minimize the Cost of Purchasing Business Technology

Starting a business can be expensive, especially if you need bespoke equipment to get the show on the road. Computers are not so expensive these days, but if you want to invest in some top-of-the-range Apple Macs to power your graphic design agency or you need lasers for a beauty salon, the costs will soon begin to bust your budget. The good news is that there are several ways you can save money and maintain a positive cash flow for your startup. Continue reading “How to Minimize the Cost of Purchasing Business Technology”

Will the iPhone 8 Affect Apple Stock?

Apple reported strong earnings at the start of August, thanks to solid sales of its iPhone, iPad, and desktop computer products. Its revenue grew by 7%, while EPS increased by 17%, comfortably exceeding Wall Street expectations. The trading session following the results release showed an increase of approximately 6% of its stock price, helping to push the Dow Jones to a new high of 22,000. Traders are now turning their attention towards the launch of the new iPhone 8 this fall. Continue reading “Will the iPhone 8 Affect Apple Stock?”

Tips For Making a Smoother Running Conference Call

If there is anything most business people dread, it is the abhorrent conference call. Many of us already have a list a mile long of things to get done on the job on a daily basis. This doesn’t even include our home lives. Being prepared for a conference call takes extra time and effort that is hard to come by in this hurried world. So, when the call actually comes, it makes sense that we would want to make the best of the situation and make sure the dreaded conference call is a profitable success. Here are a few things to think about the next time your office gets together for work.  Continue reading “Tips For Making a Smoother Running Conference Call”

How Smartphones Can Improve Employee Retention

Smartphones have become a valuable tool for the workplace. They’ve made everything from communication to productivity possible anywhere a data and voice signal exists, and almost everyone seems to have a smartphone due to the low threshold of ownership. By giving their employees freedom to do their work remotely, employers can offer new phones as an employee benefit, giving workers the ability to stay connected to the office even when they’re out of the office. Explore some of the ways a smartphone can improve employee retention. Continue reading “How Smartphones Can Improve Employee Retention”

Where Can Your Small Business Use Contactless Machines?

There are a lot of tools available these days to help businesses cut costs and increase customer convenience. Contactless payment machines are one of the newest technologies helping small businesses to boost their profits and keep their customers happy. If you haven’t invested in one yet, now is definitely the time to consider it. Continue reading “Where Can Your Small Business Use Contactless Machines?”

Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier: Why is it a great purchase?

As per a report stated by WHO, around 3.4 million people die from water-borne diseases every year. Taking a note to this scenario, it is important for families to have a reliable RO water purifier system at home. The tap water or the well-water may look clean but is one of the major carriers of diseases. In addition to micro-organisms, drinking water in India also carries dissolved impurities and other contaminants. Continue reading “Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier: Why is it a great purchase?”

5 Tips on How to Save on Printer Ink Purchases

One of the biggest problems that comes with owning a printer is buying and replacing ink cartridges. Printers by Canon, HP, or Brother only use ink cartridges specific to their brand and these cartridges aren’t exactly cheap. With the cost of each cartridge, it’s important for printer owners to make each one last. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Save on Printer Ink Purchases”