Situation of Outsourcing in the Manufacturing Industries

As a company gets large-scale recognition and popularity, maintaining its image and brand becomes more important than the product it manufactures. So from a product-centric view, companies have shifted their attention to other aspects which include marketing of the product, providing service to the customers and giving the product an image that differentiates it from the rest, not by virtue of its technical specifications but by virtue of customer perception. Hence the rise of outsourcing of manufacturing activities by giants across industries like footwear, iron and steel, durable and non-durable goods, household consumables and several other FMCG products, to small 3rd party manufacturers. Continue reading “Situation of Outsourcing in the Manufacturing Industries”

10 shortcuts for success in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing appears to be the buzz-word of the day. With the increasing trends in internet usage and penetration, affiliate marketing appears well poised to make a kill. But many marketeers fall prey by not being able to create that network which will generate the revenue. So the burning question is how to successfully transfer a flickering effort to a burning one. Continue reading “10 shortcuts for success in affiliate marketing”

Barriers to Effective Strategic Planning

This is a presentation on strategy facilitation and consulting by a global team of consultants. Understanding the barriers that inhibit successful business strategy planning is crucial for the growth of your business. Check out this video which provides such deep insights on effective strategic planning. Continue reading “Barriers to Effective Strategic Planning”

Bill Gates meets Steve Jobs-The Meet of the Titans

In their rare joint appearance at All Things Digital 5, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss their contributions to the technology industry, the qualities they most respect in one another. Check out this inspiring video which speaks so much more than the participants do. Watch the videos in sequence to watch the complete interview. Continue reading “Bill Gates meets Steve Jobs-The Meet of the Titans”

James McCarthy decribes effective strategic planning

Strategic planning is a firm’s internal process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people.  Check out how senior consultant James McCarthy describes effective strategic planning. Continue reading “James McCarthy decribes effective strategic planning”

Devil to God-Can structured finance which ruined the world help the poor

Much of India is still underdeveloped and badly in need of infrastructural development to raise the standard of life of the people living there. Even after 62 years, looking at the situation of infrastructural development and government investment, it can be safely concluded that the way ahead is PPP. Here structured finance has a major role to play. The core concept here is that the government selects those regions of the country which with some investment can be most easily shifted towards an urban region. Thereafter instead of funding the entire investment, the government invites corporate bodies to invest in these projects. Continue reading “Devil to God-Can structured finance which ruined the world help the poor”

Excellent lecture on social intelligence and leadership

This video is an interview with Daniel Goleman, outstanding psychologist, Harvard Business Publishing. See how you can use emotional and social intelligence to improve your own and your organization’s performance. How social and emotional intelligence vary with degrees of success amongst leaders. Continue reading “Excellent lecture on social intelligence and leadership”

An Idea Can Change Your Life – But for Better or Worse?

All ideas generated by brain-storming cannot be actually implemented due to various constraints. The company needs to cut down to one or two feasible new product ideas from the pool of all new product suggestions. Exactly which ideas are to be selected, are determined by considering the following: Continue reading “An Idea Can Change Your Life – But for Better or Worse?”

Joseph Stiglitz speaks on the problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (“Globalization and Its Discontents”) talks about why GDP is not always suitable for use as a measurement for economic well being. Joseph Stiglitz was chief economist at the World Bank until January 2000. Before that he was the chairman of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2001. Continue reading “Joseph Stiglitz speaks on the problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer”

How to price IT products in 7 steps?

The technical team or the product development team has come up with a ground breaking product. The technology can have a deep impact on the customer. The technical team knows it, and so does the customer. The contract for a long term engagement is about to hit off, and then the customer asks how much will this technology cost his pockets? In this competitive world, the technology developers do want the best price for the technology, but at the same time, they really do not know what the best price is to which your customer will give the green signal for a long term engagement. So how does one price an IT product? Continue reading “How to price IT products in 7 steps?”

Philip Kotler on marketing in times of economic downturn

During economic turbulence, it is important for a company to view it as both an opportunity and a danger. Sometimes it is a bad idea to cut costs across the board. Marketing prodigy Kotler advices to stop cutting the budget that creates sales and gives tips on how to measure the marketing spend with non-direct marketing.  So what should companies do during a financial meltdown? Continue reading “Philip Kotler on marketing in times of economic downturn”

4 Biggest brands launched the core i5 laptops

Today the world is walking on core i5 laptops. They are high speed mean machine, well built and easy to handle. The Core i5 is now powering performance laptops for those customers who have the capability to shell out a little extra. Since they are made on Intel’s cutting-edge 32-nanometer manufacturing process, it readily outperforms the older Core 2 Duo, giving much more satisfaction to tech-savvy customers. Continue reading “4 Biggest brands launched the core i5 laptops”