4 Things To Expect When Involved In An Industrial Enterprise

When getting involved in an industrial enterprise either as an investor, co-owner, or full owner, it is important to have a realistic outlook. However, since you’re putting in your time, money, and energy into a project, the last thing you want to do is set low expectations. So you will need a balance between realism and having high expectations. Continue reading “4 Things To Expect When Involved In An Industrial Enterprise”

#Entrepreneurship #Updates #Summit2018

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the Top Venture Capitalists of India at E-Summit 2018 Dr Aniruddha Malpani, Malpani Ventures Mr. Rehan Yar Khan, Orios Venture Partners Mr. Sanjay Singhal, 500 Startups Mr. Ajay Sethi, Accel Partners Mr. Venkatesh Shukla, TiE Silicon Valley

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#Summit2018 More updates from IIT Bombay

Here are top corporates attending E-Summit, Vishal Dhupar ( South Asia Head NVIDIA ), Priya Kumar, Ananth Narayanan ( CEO Myntra and Jabong ), Akshay Kothari ( India Head, LinkedIn ), Neeraj Roy ( Founder and CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. ) and Arundhati Bhattacharya ( Ex-Chairman State Bank of India ). 

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Ways to Promote Your Business

If you own a business, you need to come up with different ways to promote it too. Improving a business involves creating brand awareness, attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers. Although getting your business known and attracting customers is not easy due to the competition from other existing companies, you can achieve this by coming up with unique and high-quality promotional methods.

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3 Great Companies That Failed to Innovate and Suffered for It

Innovation is the fuel that drives any business forward. In fact, one could argue that it drives the goliath machine that is the business world as a whole. Innovation begets new products, new businesses, new opportunities, and even more innovation, allowing continued growth. But sometimes, a company gets a foothold in an industry, and they cling to it doggedly, despite innovations happening all around them. Continue reading “3 Great Companies That Failed to Innovate and Suffered for It”

How to Incentivize Productivity with Computer Monitoring Software

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In most cases computer monitoring software is used to track the activities of employees and identify instance where time is being wasted on personal activities. While doing that can definitely help to increase productivity by cutting down on time wastage, it is possible to conversely track and identify employees that are productive instead and incentivize it to encourage others to follow suit. Continue reading “How to Incentivize Productivity with Computer Monitoring Software”

A Guide to PRINCE2 Project Management Certification

In this article, we’re going to look at the world’s most widely practiced project management methodology, which is also the most recognised certification as well – PRINCE2. Before we look at the certification and its relevance in the modern workplace in more detail, I want to give you a little background on PRINCE2.

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The Simplest Guide to Selecting a Mutual Fund

If you’re new to investing in mutual funds, your mind would be buzzing with many questions. The most prominent of those questions would be – ‘Which mutual fund to invest in?’ Indeed mutual funds are a great option for investors trying to beat the challenges of diminishing returns in savings and fixed deposits. Continue reading “The Simplest Guide to Selecting a Mutual Fund”

The best ptfe products and ptfe manufacturers in India

Ptfe products are considered to be a boon to our industry. There are several areas where ptfe products are used for practical reasons. The manufacturing and industrial sectors have seen numerous uses of these products. This material can be used to make rods, sheets, and tubes. Ptfe is also known as Teflon and extensively used in industries such as: Continue reading “The best ptfe products and ptfe manufacturers in India”

Why the Internal Combustion Engine is not Dead Yet

It seems like every day another car maker is announcing plans to phase out gas-powered cars.  Why not?  Electric cars are chock full of technology and in today’s connected world, this tech is considered sexy.  Despite all the headlines, the internal combustion engine remains the mainstay of the global car industry.  And guess what – it is probably going remain that way for some time.  As such, it is safe to say that the internal combustion engine is not dead yet. Continue reading “Why the Internal Combustion Engine is not Dead Yet”

Steps for Filing Income Tax Returns Online in India

Filing tax returns is very important for every earning individual. However, on one hand, where you need to be familiar with the process of filing taxes, on the other hand, you must also be updated and well versed about the changes or reforms introduced by the Government every year. This ensures that you make minimal mistakes and avoid reworking while filing your income tax returns. You also do not want to be in the bad books of the person who is assessing your IT returns because you ended up filing your returns just a day before the due date. Hence, you might miss out on certain important things, and you may end up claiming less or no returns and paying more tax. Continue reading “Steps for Filing Income Tax Returns Online in India”