Invest in Term Insurance – A Saviour for Tomorrow

Financial stability is the most desirable of all needs for individuals. All individuals are in need of financial stability irrespective of their age and stages in career. During school days, children receive pocket money which they spend to satisfy their little wishes. With growing age, monetary requirements are sorted out by our parents.

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Will Trump Tariffs Harm Small Businesses?

Unless you have spent the last week on the dark side of the moon, you know that Mr. Trump has latched on to one of his favorite issues – trade.  With that, he has pushed through new tariffs on aluminum and steel despite the warning from members of his own party and from leaders around the world.
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Confused about Earning Wealth? Here’s What You Can Do

Money creates money— this is what people usually believed. It means, the more money you have, the more wealth you will be able to generate. However, it is not entirely true. It is not only the amount that you have saved or invested, but also the wisdom to save or invest that can make all the difference. Continue reading “Confused about Earning Wealth? Here’s What You Can Do”

A Nest Made Affordable – Home Loans for One and All

Since time immemorial, the fundamental requirements of humankind are determined; food, shelter and clothing. Over the years, these necessities have evolved, progressed and witnessed path-breaking changes. Considering ‘shelter’ for the time being, beginning from stony caves (for primitive man) to thatched hut to mud houses and finally to the age of bricks and concrete, the journey has been immensely progressive.

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What makes liquid funds better than savings account?

Every parent teaches their child the importance of saving money. The moment you get a job, everyone from your aunts and uncles to your neighbour advises you to spend less and save more. And it is true. Saving is important. There is a sense of satisfaction when you see your savings account grow month after month. Continue reading “What makes liquid funds better than savings account?”

How Accountants Can Improve Your Business Performance

At the early stages of your business, you will find that your company requires you to wear many hats:

The manager; The marketer; The IT specialist; The accountant.

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How to Assess Among the Different Options for Loans – Metrics and Methods

Most lenders have understood the wide variety of reasons why individuals and businesses take a loan. Today, loan products are so versatile that they cover almost every sphere of life and every need that can be fulfilled. A loan can be availed for an education, home, an automobile, to travel, pay for a wedding or to enhance your business prospects. Continue reading “How to Assess Among the Different Options for Loans – Metrics and Methods”

How Can Financial Institutions Prevent Money Laundering?

With thousands of global transactions occurring on any single day, it can be overwhelming for banks to trace the origins of laundered money. This is an especially serious issue in the U.S., where billions of dollars are smuggled into the country per year. Though there is an anti-money laundering (AML) legislation in place to combat this illegal practice, there is still much that financial institutions can do to fight against the problem. Here are some of the many ways in which banks and other financial institutions can work in order to prevent money laundering activities. Continue reading “How Can Financial Institutions Prevent Money Laundering?”

How Online Banking Services have made our Lives Easy

Gone are the days when you had to make numerous trips to a brick and mortar bank branch even for withdrawing a small amount or transferring money from your account. The new age savings bank account provides you online banking services which is the most convenient way of carrying out your banking needs without visiting the bank branch. Online banking services not only saves time and money it provides immense ease in managing your money. Continue reading “How Online Banking Services have made our Lives Easy”

Crux of Arbitrage Funds

Earning a good lot of money in your life is not all that you should aim at. Your aim should be always to save a considerable amount as well for an emergency period or such situation when you would no more be able to earn for you and your family. Keeping this investor psyche in mind most of the investment products are being designed today. One of the important pockets for investing your money in the mutual fund business is the Arbitrage Fund. Continue reading “Crux of Arbitrage Funds”

Small Business Money Management Tips

Small business owners understand that success isn’t just about bringing new customers into the fold. It isn’t always about creating more customer transactions. Effectively managing money is also a crucial factor to the success of every business, small or large. Continue reading “Small Business Money Management Tips”