Can A Life Coach Help You With Your Finances

It is a quite common cliche that women are notoriously irresponsible managing money. But Beth Hurns, a financial life coach is looking to change that with a new book that is dedicated to helping women become more empowered with managing their money.

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Simple Steps to Get Out of Debt Immediately

Being in debt is stressful and awful. It can prevent you from achieving your financial goals and may even make simple things, like applying online for a car loan, challenging because your credit standing isn’t as great as you’d want it to be.
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When Long Cherished Dreams Come True – With Personal Loans

Dreams are a constant source of inspiration which keep a man going. People dream and strive to fulfill their heart’s desire by fighting against all odds. Certain material needs are necessary alongside the basic ones (food, shelter, clothing) for the common man to run a comfortable and hassle-free living. Continue reading “When Long Cherished Dreams Come True – With Personal Loans”

A Nest Made Affordable – Home Loans for One and All

Since time immemorial, the fundamental requirements of humankind are determined; food, shelter and clothing. Over the years, these necessities have evolved, progressed and witnessed path-breaking changes. Considering ‘shelter’ for the time being, beginning from stony caves (for primitive man) to thatched hut to mud houses and finally to the age of bricks and concrete, the journey has been immensely progressive.

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Looking For the Right Mortgage? Consider the Benefits of an FHA Loan

Each year, over five million homes are sold in the United States.

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Financial Experts Tips to Manage Your Online Business

Starting an online business is an exciting experience, but managing it to attain profitability is a daunting process that requires expertise. Entrepreneurs running online businesses encounter many problems including the rapid changes that happen in the technological landscape that force them to adjust their business model. In all the processes that are involved in managing an online business, finances are the fuel of everything and sometimes you will drain the little available while trying to rescue the business. Continue reading “Financial Experts Tips to Manage Your Online Business”


I’m sure you must have tried to meet your tax saving targets throughout the F.Y. But in the end, it is likely that you still need to push a little to compensate for that windfall bonus and the increment this year. Even if no bonus or increment happened don’t worry, just see if you have utilised your tax saving limits completely. If not, use the following tax saving options to save additional tax within few minutes. Continue reading “NEED TO SAVE TAX? HERE ARE X QUICK TAX SAVING OPTIONS FOR A.Y. 2018-19”


We all dream of being able to afford everything we need and want without ever falling into a debt. However, that’s not the case. Oftentimes, things are out of our reach and we need to borrow money. That’s where a personal loan comes in. A personal loan is a type of “unsecured” loan for which you don’t have to put up a collateral. You simply borrow money from the lender and then pay it off gradually with interest. Furthermore, these are also flexible loans as they’re not meant for fixed purposes such as education, auto purchase, or home. They can be used for any purpose at all.


EMI Schemes: No Friend to Small Business

EMI schemes were brought into being as a ways of encouraging people to stay with small businesses and work with them. The benefits of such work included shares in the company, benefits for them the longer they stay as employees, and an overall boost in morale which comes with feeling more involved in the direction that the company is taking.EMI schemes allow people to become more important to the business than they otherwise would – the EMI scheme works both ways – it keeps people loyal to the business, and helps them see that working for it wouldn’t be the knock to their career they feared, and means that the business will have experienced workers. Continue reading “EMI Schemes: No Friend to Small Business”

What Different Types Of Loans Can You Get For Your Business?

As your business grows, it will need more money to fund it. Although it would be ideal if that money came from its profits, sometimes that just isn’t possible. It could be due to problems with cash flow, or because the money needed to expand is much more than you currently make, and it’s the expansion itself that will lead to a big rise in your profits. The good news is that getting a business loan is usually possible, although it will depend on your financial situation, and if you are using it to expand the business, the increase in profits should be more than enough to pay it back, including the interest. So what different types of loans can you get for your business? Continue reading “What Different Types Of Loans Can You Get For Your Business?”

All the Hype around Business Credit Cards

Banks and financial institutions have made it easier for large businesses to operate seamlessly and small businesses as well as startups to expand continually. Although startups incur expenses on a lower scale as compared to major corporations, they tend to maintain their day-to-day expenses using different sources of finance. In addition to small-ticket loans, business credit cards come in very handy for their businesses. Continue reading “All the Hype around Business Credit Cards”

Good to Great of Loan for your Business Activity

You might have heard the adage that says, spend money more if you want to earn more. It is good that you are managing your business with savings that you have accumulated so far, however, have you thought about taking a loan for your business? As a growing business, don’t you think, you should go with a loan to further boost its growth.  Continue reading “Good to Great of Loan for your Business Activity”