How Insured Declared Value (IDV) Of A Two Wheeler Depreciates Over Time?

When you buy two wheeler insurance you often look at the coverage which the plan offers and the premium that it charges. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans have a value called the Insured Declared Value (IDV). This IDV is considered to be the sum insured of the two wheeler insurance policy. A lot of people look at the value and do not understand its meaning, how it is calculated and its significance in the bike insurance policy. So, let’s understand the concept of IDV in details –

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How Does a Car Affect the Insurance Policy?

When you buy car insurance online in India, there are certain factors that affect the premium of the plan. From the model of the car to its fuel type, every component of the vehicle comes into play. Take a look at this article to know how exactly the car types affect the insurance premium.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts to Follow After a Car Accident

When you get involved in a road accident, multiple emotions crowd your mind. From fear to shock to anger to confusion, it is normal for you to experience a range of feelings. However, you need to stay calm and take stock of the situation. There are a few things that you must do and a few that you must not do when there is an accident. Take a look at this article to know more.

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Here’s How You Can Lower Your Term Plan Premium Without Sacrificing on Coverage

Protecting your loved ones against the uncertainties of life is always a priority. Along the way, you strive to provide for your family and give them a lifestyle they deserve. But have you ever imagined what will happen to their dreams and aspirations if something happens to you?

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4 Business Costs Associated with Accidents

One thing that you don’t want more of when it comes to business transactions is more costs. Especially when those costs are preventable, it can make you feel like your business is more of an uphill climb than it should be. Some types of accidents and incidents are just truly unfortunate cases of timing, but in many cases, prevention is the key to making sure you don’t have unnecessary expenses.

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Info on Maternity cover & Family Floater Cover

Motherhood is a blessing. The complete journey of nine months coming to a closure with the arrival of a newborn, is highly emotional and imbibes multiple feelings. Talking in practical terms, bringing in a new life adds up to immense responsibilities, where taking best possible care of the baby and the new mother is of utmost priority. There is also a huge expense associated with pregnancy, starting from initial checkups to medicines, the final hospital charges relating to delivery and postpartum treatment. Opting for maternity health insurance is a judicious choice for expecting parents as all the associated financial hassles can be smoothly taken care of.

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Anticipate and manage risks when you ride motorcycle on highway/expressway

Bikers are exposed to dangers more than that of any other automobile drivers. Motorcyclists are less visible and more unstable than other vehicle drivers on the road. Therefore, it is crucial for them to be aware of the risks present on the driveways and the remedies they can use in case they are involved in a traffic mishap.

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What Is Public Liability Insurance Why Do You Need It?

Public liability insurance is something that you need when you own a place or manage a place that has people walking through it.  There are many times when people could be injured while they are on your property, and you have to have some kind of insurance that is going to prevent you from paying out huge claims because someone got hurt when you were not watching.  Anyone could be at risk, and it would be smart for you to get the insurance now before something happens.

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5 reasons why ULIPs are getting more popular as investment option in India

Compared to conventional insurance products, ULIP, which is a new generation product and which was not accepted widely even though it has been known to have some unique features and advantages over many other insurance products has a host of benefits that are comparably more than any other traditional policies of a life insurance company. The main advantage of using this vehicle of investment over any other product that is available in the market is that it gives the policyholder the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of investment products that are eligible to be invested in. Similar to all other investment products, ULIP too has its own share of features that make it a desirable vehicle for investment.  Another advantage of the product is that it is possible to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual investors.

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3 Facts why upcoming financial year will be the year of ULIP

Out of the box thinking does have its own benefits and drawbacks. However, in the case of a recent example of such thinking politically was the demonetization drive carried out by the Prime Minister of India, a couple of years ago. As a result of the drive, a lot of cash was pumped into the economy through various sectors. More policies were renewed in that short time period than all of the past twenty years and more.  However, some pundits forecasted that the growth for the insurance industry would be muted or at best sluggish. However, the above action on the part of the general public proved the pundits wrong.

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Tips To Use Your Mobile Smartly While Travelling Abroad

Today’s generation can’t go anywhere without their smartphone. No matter how hard you try to restrict yourself from using your phone, we all know that it’s easier said than done.  You will definitely want to post that perfect Eiffel Tower selfie on your Instagram account or start a live video from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You might also want to use the phone to find the perfect restaurant/spot for a date night or a family dinner. There are several pros of carrying a smartphone along with you while travelling, just make sure you use it smartly.

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Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance

Many people have a misconception that health insurance policies only pay for hospitalization and health care, but this is not exactly true. The benefits of health insurance are plenty, and if you invest in a good policy, it will even pay for things that go beyond standard health care.

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