What Are My Options When It Comes To Auto Finance?

A car is one of the major purchases you will make in life. Cars are essential for the day to day commute, but they can break the bank. If you are considering buying a new car, you should be prepared to spend at least £7,000. Thankfully, there are many financing options when it comes to buying a new or used car. Examples include

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How to Secure a Van with Bad Credit

There are many reasons why you might need to pick up a van at short notice. You might be starting your own construction company, in which case you’ll need a van to help you transport your tools from job to job. You may be tired of wasting money renting vans, finally looking over the market to simply buy one outright so that you’re able to utilize your van’s space. Whatever the reason, bad credit will usually hold you back. However, this article shows you what you can do to get a van leased to you, even with a poor credit performance that might put some companies off.

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How tax is calculated on debt mutual fund investments

The main objective of any investment is to earn money from it. However, when you invest in mutual funds, it generates capital gains which are taxable. Thus, taxation forms an integral part of any investment as your returns are reduced to the extent of taxes paid. In the end, what matters is the amount you are left with. It is therefore of prime importance to understand how taxation can impact your earnings from investments . Continue reading “How tax is calculated on debt mutual fund investments”

3 Tips to download the best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

Cryptocurrency has flipped the world of investing on its head. Crazy trends have made new investors millionaires overnight, and the trend seems to be going nowhere but up. However, choosing the best app to manage your cryptocurrency investments can be a hard choice with some many different options available.

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Lifelong Income or Long-Term Income – What to Choose

Most of us spend a lifetime earning money and trying to save enough for retirement. However, we are always confused about what to choose between lifelong and long-term income. The returns generated from investment plans are utilized for a specific target.

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5 Reasons To Go For Home Loan Refinance

Pretty much everyone wants to own a home at some point or another. The only problem here is that it can be very difficult to buy a home. It is downright expensive and most people do not have that kind of money. This is why they’ll end up taking out a loan. Then, they’ll be required to pay off the mortgage over a lengthy period of time. Well, it might be a good time to go for a home loan refinance. Within this guide, you’re going to discover 5 reasons for doing just that.

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Top Features Of Demat Account

Demat account is very significant for anyone who wants to trade or invest in the Indian stock market. As per the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines, demat account is the primary requirement to trade in shares. In this article, you will learn about the top features of the demat account.

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How Demat Account Works?

A demat account is similar to your bank account. Just like you hold your cash balance in your bank account, you hold your investments in shares, bonds, mutual fund units,government securities, exchange-traded funds, etc. in your demat account. A demat account (also called as a dematerialised account) holds all your shares and securities in the electronic format.

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Choosing the Best Gift for Your Marriage Anniversary

Not all people are in marriages despite the fact that many like to stay in marriage. Being in one that last for years should be something to celebrate about because it means you are one of the luckiest people on earth. Anniversaries are not only a sign that you are blessed but they are also a sign that your marriage is lasting long so you need to appreciate your partner for making it a success. The best thing about anniversary gifts is that they look special no matter how simple or cheap they are because they come from a person who is in love. Below are tips of selecting the best gifts.

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Factors to Know before Getting Personal Loan: Flat Rate vs. Reducing Balance Rate

Personal Loans are all-purpose, unsecured loans that can be raised for an array of needs. There are no restrictions attached, whatsoever on the end use of the funds; and thus this credit product extends a lot of flexibility to the borrower. 

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7 Things You Need to Understand Before Starting a Franchise

Most people imagine that starting a franchise is an easier way of starting their own business. Franchising has been on the rise here lately, but this is not to say that starting out one means that will automatically be a roaring success.  Anyone who wants to purchase a franchise must do his or her homework well. With the right information, you can have a better chance of making their venture a success.

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What Are The Best Real Estate Investments You Can Consider

So, you want to become a savvy investor. After all, you know that saving money alone won’t cut it; you also need to invest a portion of your income to become financially free down the road. And while many people seem to think that investing refers solely to stocks, those who go the traditional route still believe in real estate investing.

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