Free financial calculators are one of the best tools for managing personal finances and saving money. These calculators enable you to stay on the right track with your finances. All you have to do is enter the details of your financial position in the free financial calculator. It will provide you an output consisting useful information on how to use your money in the most appropriate manner.

What makes free finance calculators worth using is that thousands of people take financial help each month from them. In addition, they do not need to pay for using them. Therefore, they use this useful information in finalizing their financial decisions.

You should benefit the most from free financial calculators. Have a look at the five financial calculators below and learn how to use them to save money.

Credit Card Calculator

When you use a credit card calculator for the first time, it will provide you a pretty scary reading because it tells both the extreme situations of borrowing credit. While using it, enter your existing balance of credit card along with your interest rate. Now, it will work on the information inserted in it.

If you have a balance of $6,000 and you want to pay it slowly, then it will show you that you can repay the balance in thirty-seven years. However, if you want to repay it in the quickest way possible, then it will show you that you can repay the balance within a few years easily. This depends on what percentage of money you want to pay each month.

Loan Calculator

If you are searching for the best quote from several lenders and you want to choose the one that requires minimum interest charges, you can take the help of a loan calculator. This way, you can compare different lenders at the same time. A loan calculator also helps you determine your loan payments with multiple lenders.

Use a loan calculator to know how much you will have to pay if you want to pay extra. In short, a loan calculator simply requires you to insert the amount of loan along with payments. Similarly, it helps you decide which lender to go for while choosing the most affordable one.

Income-Tax Calculator

Millions of Americans are unaware of the fact that they end up paying extra amounts of tax which they are not required to. This indicates that they lose a lot of money by doing this. This is simply because most people do not know how to calculate income tax. However, the problem can be solved by using an income-tax calculator.

You should use this finance calculator to know how much you need to pay for federal, state, and social taxes. This way, you will get a net amount. In addition, using the income-tax calculator will enable you to know if you have overpaid the amount. In this situation, you can ask for a rebate as well.

Budget Calculator

Budget calculator is an ideal personal finance tool for you if you are a beginner in managing your budget. In order to analyze your budget, you have to enter the amount of your income along with expenses into the budget calculator. The calculator will process it and will provide you with useful information on how much discretionary income you are left with.

Once you know how much money you are left with by subtracting your income with your expenses, you can make wise decisions on saving this money. Along with that, planning for spending money on necessary expenses also becomes easy.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

By taking loans, many people are trapped in debt. They also fear losing their secured assets in case of default. An ideal way to deal with this financial issue is to contact debt settlement professionals. Along with that, a debt consolidated calculator can let you know how much money you need to pay in order to eliminate your debt burden.

Using a debt consolidation calculator is easy. You just need to enter the amounts of all your debts. The calculator helps you know how much time you will need to clarify your loans. When you decide to consolidate your loans to get rid of them, you can Visit Consolidated Credit’s website for debt relief advice.

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