Guide for authors

Manuscripts should be prepared consistent with the following guidelines. Manuscripts which do not conform to these guidelines may be returned to the author(s) without review for reformatting.

  1. The complete document should not exceed 5000 words or 15 pages, inclusive of figures, tables, appendices and main content including the title page. However, in exceptional cases, this requirement may be waivered by the Editor.
  2. Use a 10 point font  with Arial or Calibri with normal text spacing. Line spacing should be single (1.00). One-inch margins must be kept throughout the entire manuscript.
  3. The first page (Title page) of the manuscript should have the following information.
    • A descriptive title of the paper up to a maximum of 8 words.
    • Complete contact information for each author with author name, institutional affiliation and email address. The corresponding author should be clearly noted in the case of multiple authors.
    • An abstract or executive summary of 200 to 300 words about the content of the white paper, which is informative and yet draws the attention of the readers.
    • Upto 6 key-words should be provided which would explain the core theme of your paper. This will be used for indexing purposes. A minimum of 3 key-words is required.
  4. The body of the text must begin on the second page of the paper. There must be a well defined introduction, main focus / contribution of your paper and a conclusion section. Creating subsections which will enhance the readability of your paper, is encouraged.
  5. Every document which has been used to develop the paper has to be cited. You should cite publications in the text: (Kar, 2011) using the first named author’s name or (Kar and Pani, 2011) citing both names of two authors, or (Kar et al., 2011), when there are three or more authors.
  6. Business Frontiers strictly uses the APA(American Psychological Association) style of referencing. Authors should carefully document their work while at the same time judiciously select references. A complete list of references cited should appear at the end of the text, and preceding any tables, figures, or graphs, as described below, with examples:
    • Journal article: Kar, A. K. & Pani, A.K. (2011). A Model for Pricing Emergent Technology based on Perceived Business Impact Value. International Journal of Technology Marketing, 6(3), 241 – 258.
    • Conference article: Pani, A.K. & Kar, A.K.(2011). A Study to Compare Relative Importance of Criteria for Supplier Evaluation in e-Procurement.  44th IEEE Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, USA, 1-8.
    • Book: Pani, A.K., & Agrahari, A. (2007). E-procurement in emerging economies: theory and cases. Idea group publication, USA.
    • Web source: Kar, A.K. The GE-McKinsey matrix and its Limitations for Business Portfolio analysis. Last retrieved October 10, 2012, link:
  7. All tables, figures or appendices should appear individually embedded in text, and aligned in the center. They should be numbered as Figure No. 1 or Table No. 1 or Appendix 1.
  8. Authors should carefully proofread their manuscripts prior to submission. Careful attention must be paid to spelling and grammar, in particular. Manuscripts with extensive editing issues will be returned without further review.
  9. Submit all paper electronically in MS Word-compatible file format to the editor at [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]. Submissions will be acknowledged shortly after receipt.
  10. Editorial decisions may take up to 1 month. All editorial decisions are final. Articles will be posted as a peer reviewed open source white paper after final acceptance. A major focus of Business Horizons is on the quick and timely publication of research output. If the paper is accepted, the Business Frontiers publication template and the author agreement document would be emailed to the corresponding author, who must get them filled up and submit the soft copies to the editor within 14 days.