Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of an offering using all forms of digital advertising media (like the internet) to reach the target segment. However, it is important to note that a digital media need not be limited to the World Wide Web, although the Internet is by far the most popular medium that marketers are trying to leverage today.

Today, theoretically, these channels of promotion include radio, social media marketing, mobile, internet, television, and other less popular forms of digital media. However, when speaking in a generalized manner, digital marketing is synchronously connected with marketing using the web or internet.

Most of us strive to understand the nuances of Digital Marketing, especially when it comes to understanding the theory with a deeper perspective than is presented in most blogs and online forums. This presentation / ebook is for all those who are searching for a crisp yet highly informative presentation/ebook on digital marketing.

Check out this ebook/presentation on the theory behind digital marketing and search engine optimization. Advanced Guide to Digital Marketing

In this presentation, the main focus is on 6 different sub-topics in digital marketing

  1. Theoretical frameworks which affect digital marketing strategy development
  2. Digital branding theories and frameworks
  3. Digital Marketing Research, the roadmap for success
  4. Optimizing through Web Analytics
  5. Promotions and Advertising Channels
  6. Finally the eye of the Apple: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Here we discuss in details about how it is done, the best practices, what’s done and what’s not done, and so much more.

The e-book is free to share, but a link back to this page has to be made in the proper attribution, if mirrored in any other website or web-blog.

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