Every business, regardless of size, has data worth protecting and analyzing. “Big data” or any sized data isn’t just for big businesses. Maybe it’s sensitive information from your clients, a history of invoices, or old surveys and focus group research that’s no longer relevant but might be useful to a criminal. If you have any kind of information on hand, you need an experienced team to manage it.

There’s a lot of focus on big data usage and analysis these days, but little emphasis on how to protect that data the right way. As businesses are outsourcing a variety of technical needs from search engine optimization to mobile readiness, data protection should also be on their minds. Unless you have a professional data management crew hired, there’s a disparity in your approach. Here’s why outsourcing is the answer:

  1. It’s more affordable

According to CNN’s Money, even the smallest of companies can save money by outsourcing. You might not have the needs (yet) to warrant hiring a full-time data management expert, so you can have an a la carte “needs based” option with outsourcing. Only pay for the time and expertise you need while also not have to pay benefits and perks like with permanent employees. You’ll be paying more per hour for outsourcing, but in the end many companies save.

  1. Guaranteed expertise

Since the arena of data security is untapped in the grand scheme of things, you know you’re getting expert help if you go straight to the source. Hiring for any position is a challenge, but even more so when the industry hasn’t been around (at the digital level) for long. There are some great tips from Entrepreneur on how to hire an outsourcing company, and it requires research just like hiring permanently (but not nearly as much legwork).

  1. Focus on what you do best

It’s easy, especially as a startup, for everyone to start wearing a lot of hats. This is rarely the best approach. If you start trying to manage data security yourself, it’ll take you away from your job, what you do best, and the entire business will suffer. Outsourcing allows everyone to stay on with their best skill.

  1. There’s more value than you think

Criminals can be exceptionally crafty, and who knows just what they could do what that old information you see as useless? “One man’s trash” definitely applies in this scenario.

By Eddy

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