Make sure you don’t sabotage your chances at the interview stage by following a few simple and well-known tips for creating a good impression which, nonetheless, many people forget. The first basic tip to remember when preparing for an interview is to scout out the location first to ensure you know how to get there. Do the journey at least once and then add on an extra 20 minutes travel time on the day to allow for any traffic jams or other unforeseen problems.

Preparation is everything. First and foremost, you need to make sure you have researched the company and understand the position for which you’re applying. This might sound obvious but getting the basics right is essential if you want to avoid any embarrassing slip-ups.

Prepare for the interview by thinking about how you will answer the questions they are likely to ask you, perhaps by jotting down some notes. Questions are likely to relate to past experiences, things you have written in your application and your attributes in relation to the job. If you can, practise with another person asking you questions. If not, practise in front of a mirror. Not so many times that you seem scripted when it comes to the day, just enough so that you feel comfortable.

Make sure you have your interview outfit selected a few days before. If you wait until the night before to check your outfit and discover there is a hole that wasn’t there before, you haven’t got much time to do anything about it or find a replacement outfit. Make sure it’s ready and laid out the night before so you don’t have any unnecessary fretting in the morning.

It’s easy to let nerves get the better of you and feel a last minute lack of confidence. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before. This can be easier said than done but try to take your mind of the interview by reading a book or even meditating. If you find you can’t sleep don’t overly worry about it as this will lead to a viscous cycle of worrying and not sleeping. Adrenalin will ensure you are wide awake on the day so don’t panic.

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