Title: Literature Review of Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Author: Arpan Kumar Kar
  • Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Email id: [email protected]

Abstract: Supplier selection literature in procurement management has witnessed a plethora of evaluation criteria, for selecting suppliers. This study prepares a list of all the generic supplier selection criteria, which is prevalent in the existing purchasing literature. The objective of this study is to facilitate an understanding of the different supplier evaluation criteria, which is present in the existing literature, so that future methodological studies in the domain are facilitated by the usage of the appropriate evaluation criteria.

This paper must be cited as follows: Kar, A.K. (2014). Literature Review of Supplier Selection Criteria. Business Frontiers, 8(1), 1-110.

Keywords: Supplier Selection, Vendor Selection, Evaluation Criteria, Meta-analysis of literature, literature review.


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