Life insurance is a lot more than what its name communicates. Apart from being your family’s umbrella against tough times that your absence from their lives would bring, a life insurance policy can prove to be a very dependable tool for planning one’s life. Right from providing you cover against medical troubles to offering you financial stability over the long term, the functions of a life insurance policy can be manifolds. Here are some of the most awesome benefits of life insurance.

Staying attuned with the curves of life – It will be naive on your part to consider life insurance as only a cover in terms of money provided to beneficiaries upon the death of the insured person. However, life insurance products serve other needs such as meeting important life expenses, such as buying a house, providing for education of children, etc. This is possible through traditional life insurance products such as endowment plans that come with benefits of guaranteed maturity values and money back.

Long term investment with safety and good returns – Most federal governments implement rules that make it mandatory for insurance players to ensure the safety of the stakeholders’ money. This makes your investment in life insurance completely risk free. Moreover, the very concept of life insurance instills the virtue of thriftiness in the insured people, because they have to pay periodic premiums to the insurer. The long term nature of the life insurance financial product also keeps the investors secured against any faulty reinvestment decisions that short term investments are rife with.

Benefits of coverage for medical problems that threat your life – Protection against the dual pressures of increasing medical service costs and increasing risk exposure to lifestyle and other diseases is one of the primary benefits offered by life insurance products through special riders.

Secure annuities post retirement – Innovative life insurance products can prove to be the lifelines for insurers, as they can be used to enjoy annuities post the retirement of the insured person. Such arrangements are generally built into special life insurance products. You would do well to visit AAMI for life insurance to find out more about such life insurance products and how they impart benefits other than the prime purpose of these products.

Provision of loans against the insurance product – In order to ensure that the person opting for life insurance doesn’t feel the need to liquidate the insurance or get stonewalled into taking high interest debt because of cash-crunch; life insurance service providers allow loans up to a certain percentage of the accumulated deposits.

Tax benefits at both ends of the life insurance – Tax planning is a vital part of how everybody considers investments and expenses these days. Life insurance proves to be beneficial in terms of tax relief, both when you make periodic premium payments, and when you enjoy the maturity amount. This makes the financial sense of opting for life insurance all the more appealing.

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