Big data is changing the way, technology is being leveraged to conduct business as usual activities is a more efficient manner. The emergence of Internet of Things, allows greater flexibility and governance, in urban development and its subsequent management. This has led to the emergence of the concept of smart cities, which is believed to revolutionalize urban settlements across developing, emerging and developed economies.

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Chauhan, Sumedha, Neetima Agarwal, and Arpan Kumar Kar. “Addressing Big Data Challenges in Smart Cities: A Systematic Literature Review.” info 18, no. 4 (2016).

Purpose of the study

Big Data has become crucial for fulfilling the vision of smart cities; however, there are several challenges associated with its use. This study aims to provide a holistic view of challenges of using Big Data in smart cities and the solutions to deal with them by systematically selecting, reviewing and synthesizing the literature in this area.

Design/methodology/approach for achieving objectives

A systematic literature review was conducted by following a rigorous search protocol that identified a total of 310 peer-reviewed academic research papers. These papers were subsequently filtered and finally 38 relevant papers were selected.

Findings of meta-analysis of literature connecting smart cities and big data

A number of major challenges (human dynamics, privacy, security, volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value) associated with Big Data in a smart city and the respective solutions to address them were identified. This study primarily contributes in providing the process of effectively managing Big Data in smart cities.

Practical implications

The study provides valuable information to the Big Data practitioners by illustrating the process of effective management of Big Data in smart cities. This study further provides the directions to the future researchers.


The study is original and is based on the existing literature and its interpretation.

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