With a large number of companies all offering much the same types of benefits to their employees, it’s no wonder that many business managers are searching for new and exciting incentives in order to attract new applications to their company. Rather than simply providing the generally expected benefits such as health benefits and childcare, many companies are offering exclusive benefits that are rarely found anywhere else. If you run a company and want to do something different for your employees, here are some interesting ideas that you might want to consider running with.

Learning to Drive

If your company employs a lot of young people, you might want to offer learning to drive as a benefit of joining your company. For many young people and other learner drivers, paying for driving lessons and passing their driving test can be a process that is very expensive. Offering reduced rate driving lessons with an instructor who is happy to work with your company can be a very attractive offer to many young members of your staff. Along with that, you could also provide resources to help them pass their theory and driving tests. Click here for some great examples of free mock driving theory tests.


Along with offering a range of benefits for employees who join your company, it’s also becoming more and more common for businesses to offer incentives for employees who hit their targets and perform well. When it comes to different incentives there are a whole range of different things that you can offer, with some of the most popular being paid days off, extra commission, holidays, or even the chance to win money or goods. Incentives are an excellent way to keep the morale high within your workforce and have a positive workplace environment.

Holiday Benefits

Most companies provide the standard holiday benefits – usually 28 days or so a year – to their employees. However, going above and beyond with the holiday benefits that you give to your employees can help to attract new faces to your company. For example, allowing some employees to take off longer holiday periods at a time or even allowing for speedy holiday booking is a great way to keep your workforce happy. For the best results, it’s a good idea to conduct a survey amongst your current employees to see how they feel about your current holiday policy and determine if there are any changes that you can make in order to improve things.

Thinking Creatively

Some of the best companies with the most engaged and motivated workforces are hugely creative with the benefits that they provide. Often monetary benefits are unnecessary – paid staff nights out, freebies and the chance to earn more can be much more motivating than simply receiving a bonus in your wage. When coming up with ideas for benefits which you can offer your employees, the best thing to do is think out of the box.

Rather than simply offering the standard, well-known benefits to your employees and potential employees, thinking creatively can help your business to stand out.

By Eddy

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