When considering the layout of your business website design, there are a few main goals you should be aiming to fulfill.  A business website is purposed for the provision of information, access to products and services, and fluent communication between an organization and their customer base.  

Over that past decade (or so), web designers have become more familiar with what works.  Take a moment to consider this piece of knowledge, and check out some of the must-have sections of your business website.  


A place for communication

Every business website needs a functional “Contact Us” page on their layout.  One of the most important aspects of successful business is communication.  Check out this stellar example.  Your consumers should feel free to share their thoughts and opinions regarding your operations and productions.  

Creating a “Contact Us” page provides a usable medium for a connection between your professionals and the rest of the world.  Include multiple mediums for communication, and you can even provide and easy-to-use contact form.  


A place for content

Another pertinent section of a business website is the “Blog” section of the design.  When working in the digital world, it is he who has the most appealing content who runs the show.  If you create well-crafted content, your website’s visibility will skyrocket.  

By linking social media to your blog posts (like this website has done at the bottom of their post), you open up a much more social realm of your webspace.  Think of your website as an actual spider’s web.  You want your “web”site to be as intricate and expansive as possible.  


A place for inside information

One of the main purposes of building a business website is to provide a space for consumers to learn about your organization.  Create an “About Us” section in your web design to provide information to passing web users.  

Your “About Us” page can contain information such as what your business has done to help your local community, a few short bios featuring some of your most influential professionals, and a little information concerning your most significant professional accomplishments.  


A place for common questions

When people have questions about your business, they should be able to find the answers to those questions without suffering much hassle.  When you create a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your business website, you provide a convenient opportunity for inquiring web users.  

You cannot put every question possible on an FAQ page, but you can create a solid collection of informative questions and answers to guide inquisitive web users.  


A place for shopping and purchasing

Your business website should have the capability to conduct business.  A “Products & Services” page should be designed for just such an action.  People need a place to browse and shop online.  

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