SCADA-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Modern automation services help you to manage processes from AWP workstations. The compulsory presence of an interface between the user and the system is a special feature of SCADA software. The quality of SCADA software depends on the efficiency of various processes.

Primary functions of SCADA-rich packages include the following characteristics:

  • visualization creation via the GUI: mimics diagrams, tables, texts, graphics as well as any other components for the operator;
  • self-programming of SCADA and troubleshooting of its work algorithms (debugging is feasible now when connected to the system and in emulation mode);
  • connection and adjustment of communications systems (networks and network supplies); this is SCADA ‘s main function


Modern SCADA companies in California, such as Telstar Instruments, put in place a function for their compatibility with other software (MATLAB databases, Microsoft Office programs, etc.) that enables the SCADA system to be used in different areas of operation and production.

BMS functionality

As a fundamental function for simple and secure automation systems for work management, the SCADA system control mode produces the following functions:

  • issuing messages of critical information in real-time to the control panel
  • alarming the operator of emergencies and critical situations in a timely fashion
  • the function of the expert system, i.e. assisting the dispatcher in decision-making
  • other applications, such as the event log, reporting, and archiving information

Automatic control

SCADA systems almost always run PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) functions. This programming is typically seen as an automatic control system in small systems where there is no PLC or incomplete functions. In this particular case, SCADA ‘s programming fixes problems that include operational management, automatic control frameworks, and device locking, etc.

Data collection function

Through automation, data collection and processing of all information technology platforms is carried out. You can archive, filter, compress, scale and perform other information operations. Integrated database management has also been implemented in the SCADA software.


You must access SCADA systems on the Internet when first using this feature. Security provides application of known data encryption forms, restricted access to system management, and special cyber threat procedures.

Ask The Experts

Q & A with Telstar representatives for those of our audience interested in automation.

What does automation have to offer clients?

Automation enables you to increase productivity, improve product quality, optimize project management or eliminate the use of people from processes that pose a health or safety risk.

Is there anything that automation can’t accomplish?

No. The technology requires an integrated and systematic approach to solving important issues. Sensors, executive devices, input devices, output devices, control devices, and computers are part of the automation features available in automation services to make them as flexible as possible.

What should be the goal of SCADA services?

You should provide a complete range of automation, installation, surveillance systems, maintenance and repair services for various industrial equipment. To achieve this, you need a team of professionals who can work together to build new, high – quality automation technology. All automation companies should undertake to use only the most advanced technological and innovative controls, frequency converters, evaluation and measuring equipment for solutions.

What are the signs of high-quality SCADA service?

Any quality automation services ensure that their employees can use the finest component databases in production and assembly automation systems. By providing cutting-edge approaches to automation system design and programming, your company can assist customers with an unlimited number of solutions.

How do you keep up maintenance?

An automation service should always be prepared to be your trustworthy long-term companion when solving any automation problem. Regardless of your customer’s criteria, you should meet their standards and cover a variety of automation services with a team of qualified experts.

Can’t you just install automation software yourself?

It is true that you can manually install this technology on your computer today, but an automation company ensures quality with a list of additional services. They include:

  • Consultation from experts at the convenience of your facility
  • Recommendation and support services in the selection process of automation system design equipment
  • Automation switchboard production
  • Automation software installation
  • Commissioning works
  • Training your system automation employees
  • Revamping your company’s technology
  • Maintenance of the service

Note: This is just a small example of some of the services that you can get with companies like Telstar.

According to representatives of Telstar Instruments, today there are virtually no technological processes that function without automation. From basic systems used in everyday life, to the most dynamic industrialized production processes, you feel a strong presence of automation technology. I’m sure SCADA will only become more dominant in years to come.


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