Designing your first business website may seem like an insurmountable task if you are a novice designer, but learning how to set up your site is not really that difficult.  The internet is filled with helpful, educational resources.  With the investment of a little quality time, almost anyone can learn how to effectively set up and design a functional business website.  Get started on the learning process now, and check out a brief summary, highlighting a few of the most important elements of a successful business website. 

Communication is vital to design

There should be an effort to communicate with your web users weaved all throughout your website design, but there should also be a page (like this example) specifically designed for communication.  Work a “Contact Us” page into your navigational options for a more effective business website design.

Within the realm of the contact page of your website, provide telephone numbers, snail mail addresses, and even a simple contact form for users to fill in for quick communication efforts.  Make communication easy for people, so your organization has plenty of chances to connect with the online community.


Showcase your products and services

Every efficient business website needs a space where designers showcase the organization’s products and services.  Create a “Products & Services” page (like this example) for your business site, so viewers may browse exactly what your business has to offer.

Display images of your products, and accompany the images with a brief description.  Use a “more info” button to not only incorporate a useful call to action, but to entice viewers to spend more time browsing through your website.

Optimize your design for mobile use

Mobile users access the internet every day, several times per day.  You want your website to include this portion of the population, and it is vast.  Make sure viewers do not have to pinch and swipe to accurately view your website on their mobile devices.

Create space for quality content

Create a space for quality content to intrigue those seeking out real information pertaining to your industry.  Well-written blog entries on a “Blog” page is a great way to gather a loyal readership to your website.

Maintain your company blog once it is launched by posting new and interesting entries each week.  Posting too often will make the work seem less sincere, and posting too little will cause readers to lose interest.


Tell viewers all about your organization

Your business website would not be complete without an “About Us” page built into the design.  People are information seekers, and you can bet that they are seeking out information pertaining to your organization.

Provide insight into your organization’s mission statement and goals in the industry.  You may also want to share a few short bios, featuring some of your most influential professionals.

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