There are some tricks listed below that will help you think like an insurance agent. You need to understand how to save money on your policy so that you can get the right coverage, work with an agent who is o fleecing you, and find a company that will give you better customer care. Deploy each of these ten steps when you have concerns about your insurance pricing or coverage.

1.  How Much Does The Agent Make?

You should read How to Game All State before you go visit an agent. The agent is going to make a commission on every policy, and that is why your policy might be a bit more expensive than you would have thought. You must understand that the agent will focus on money over service. As you read, remember that you need to get the agent to offer good service.

2.  Where Is The Agent Located?

Some agents offer more expensive policies to people who live in affluent areas. You may need to find an agent who serves a blue collar community so that you are not losing money on expensive policies.

3.  There Is A Special Policy For You

There are special policies for people your age, who do your job, or who have served in the military. You must ask your agent about all the options you have before signing up.

4.  How Are Claims Handled?

If your agent does not handle claims, why are you going to give them your business?

5.  How Is Roadside Assistance Handled?

If roadside assistance is considered a claim, you should ask to have that waived because it is a waste of your money.

6.  How Many Accidents Can Be Forgiven?

You must ask your agent if they can forgive accidents or things on your driving record. When you can do that, you will be much happier with the price that you get.

7.  Prices Should Drop Every Year

You should ask your agent to get the preferred discount every year when you have a clean driving record and have not filed any claims. You must make sure you are saving money because these policies can be expensive.

8.  Do You Get Concierge Service?

You must make sure you know where the concierge center is and how to use it. Plus, you need to ask for a discount on your amenities because they help you after an accident.

9.  Get The Multi-Policy Discount

You must make sure that you get a discount if you have multiple cars or also have a home owner’s policy with the company. This small discount can go a long way to making sure that you will be happy with the policy that you are paying for.

10.  Ask For Collision Insurance

You can get a cheaper collision policy that will repair the car and save you money. Some agents do not offer this because they want to make more money in commissions.
When you have used the steps above, you will always save more money on your insurance.

By Eddy

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