When you get involved in a road accident, multiple emotions crowd your mind. From fear to shock to anger to confusion, it is normal for you to experience a range of feelings. However, you need to stay calm and take stock of the situation. There are a few things that you must do and a few that you must not do when there is an accident. Take a look at this article to know more.

Dos and DON’Ts to remember after a car accident

No one knowingly gets into a road accident, yet hundreds of such accidents happen every day. If at an unfortunate moment you find yourself involved in a bad road accident, keep the following things in mind:

1.       DON’T speed away: Don’t make the mistake of driving away from the accident spot. This can lead to many problems, including legal and financial woes. Whether it was your fault or not, pull over. You need to stop and inspect the situation and not drive away. Call the ambulance and the police, if needed.

2.       DO get out of the vehicle: Get out of the vehicle and see what exactly has happened. Judge the extent of damage to your car, to the other car, and to all the people involved in the accident. If you have a comprehensive insurance cover, you will get compensation, so don’t worry about the financial damages. Look to help any person who may be injured. Call for help.

3.       DON’T start an argument: As stated, you need to stay calm at such a time. Don’t start an argument regarding whose fault it was and why the accident took place. Avoid all kinds of physical assault too. Rather, calmly speak to the other driver.

4.       DO check for injuries: Check to see if you have injured yourself. Oftentimes, in a state of anxiety and nervousness, you may not feel physical pain but may actually be injured. Check yourself properly and if needed, get help immediately. Your comprehensive insurance plan will have provision for medical expenses, so do get yourself the best help possible.

5.       DON’T leave without gathering information: It is very important for you to gather evidence from the accident spot. This will help you make a claim on your car insurance policy. Click photographs of the vehicles damaged, of the people injured of the third-party property affected, of number plates, etc. This will make your claim process smoother.

6.       DO note down the insurance details: Next, double check with the other party to ensure you have their third party car insurance details. If for any reason they don’t initiate a claim, you may have to take matters into your own hands. So, don’t leave without ensuring you have all the third-party car insurance details that you need.

7.       DON’T drive: If you are seriously injured or if your vehicle is badly damaged, do not drive. Call for assistance. Even if you feel fine, you may be mentally traumatized and that can lead to another mishap.

Keep these practical and easy-to-follow tips in mind. You never know when trouble will come knocking, so it is a good idea to stay aware and mentally prepared.

The final word

These are some easy guidelines for you to follow if you get involved in a road accident. Don’t panic, as in most cases, the car insurance policy will cover the damages. You will have your own cover plus the other person’s third party car insurance compensation to rely on. So, keep a cool head and do the needful.

By Eddy

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