Why torture yourself with the long, tedious process of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges when you can skip the hassle and join the company that aims to give the best cash to crypto experience possible. CoinFlip provides the newest generation terminals, which make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency much easier. A company that offers retail technology, CoinFlip, is a trendsetting leader of its kind. They have given the market the very first cloud-based rules and adjudication engine, which incorporated retailer POS systems and loyalty programs.

A bitcoin ATM company, CoinFlip, facilitates the buying and selling of six different cryptocurrencies for cash and vice versa, throughout their 120 ATMs spanning several states in the United States. For those faraway from a terminal, they also accept credit card transactions and wire transfers via traders to buy and sell the following: Etherium, Tron, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Comodo. .

The CEO of the CoinFlip company, Daniel Polotsky, said they envisioned this model because the olden ATMs of yore were not very user friendly, having to purchase bitcoins via in person meet ups that consumed time and most definitely was not hassle free. They decided on this current ATM platform because it automates the job of a local trader, enabling one unit to perform hundreds of transactions. Moreover, the user-friendly model, which people can access through their many kiosks, helps people navigate the unfamiliar technology.

One of the main features that set CoinFlip apart is that it allows customers to purchase cryptocurrency directly without a bank account and without waiting for approval which often takes several months. Daniel Polotsky also mentioned that their company offers the lowest bitcoin ATM rates. If anyone is far from a terminal, they have a toll number where someone always picks up the phone and registration is approved in minutes.

Their company’s mission and vision is to provide speedy transactions and make the complex investing process on cryptocurrency and turn it into a much simpler model that everyone can adopt and enjoy, giving consumers a local bitcoin option. The payment technology platform they offer and provide delivers a premium experience for customers. On top of that, it enables companies to measure, optimize, and execute their benefits, savings, and loyalty programs.

Running a company like this, however, is not without its many challenges. One, it is hard to keep abreast of the rapidly and perpetually evolving regulatory landscape of bitcoin. Second, providing the cash flow to support all the ATMs is something that keeps everyone on their team on their toes. Third, they have to guarantee that the ATMs in all their kiosks stay up and running 95%, if not all the time.

One of the project development errors that they learned a lot from was choosing their initial ATM manufacturer. It was called BitXATM and it was a disaster from beginning to the end. From that experience, their team learned to never settle and to never compromise on their machines. They learned what to look for in a manufacturer and ask for features that their machines need. After all, the main point of their whole endeavor is to optimize customer experience. If the machines are not user navigable, then everything with be for naught.

The CEO assures everyone that they are a regulated company by MSB (Money Services Business) under FinCEN. Moreover, they also have the necessary permits and licenses to operate business in the states where they have an ATM. Trust is something they believe is hard earned from their valued clients. His advice for everyone, with this type of technology having the potential to influence many industries, is to buy the dip.

By Eddy

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