Many people have a misconception that health insurance policies only pay for hospitalization and health care, but this is not exactly true. The benefits of health insurance are plenty, and if you invest in a good policy, it will even pay for things that go beyond standard health care.

Due to lack of knowledge, many people do not take advantage of the health insurance benefits offered by the state government and several companies. In this article, we will give you an understanding about health insurance policies in detail.

Convalescence Benefit

Convalescence benefit is also referred to as recovery or recuperating benefit. In this kind of benefit, the insurer takes care of the insured’s recovery expenses. This benefit is given in order to cover all the supplementary costs that arise due to or out of hospitalization. The insurer pays a lump sum amount in cases of prolonged hospitalization – this would be 7 to 10 days.

Expenses Related to Organ Donation

The cost of a kidney transplant could range from anywhere between 3 to 5 lakhs. When you have a health insurance policy in place, it ensures that you do not have to worry about your medical costs before you undergo a serious surgery like an organ transplant. Most insurance companies usually cover organ transplant surgeries in their health plans. However, some would even reimburse the entire amount, while others would put a cap on expenses or probably even offer you an add-on cover.

Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatment has become very popular in the past few years. This has pushed many insurance companies to cover individuals for alternative treatments that typically include yoga, homeopathy, experimental treatments and Ayurveda.

Domiciliary Treatment

Nowadays, many insurance companies have expanded their policies to cover individuals who require medical attention at home. However, this is a capped benefit that can be availed for only a certain number of days.

Attendant Allowance

This is another amazing benefit that is offered by many health insurance companies today. Insurance companies offer an attendant allowance for adults who accompany the insured at the hospital, but the insured has to be a child in this case. In most cases, the insurer will pay the attendant allowance for a fixed number of days.

Daily Hospital Cash Allowance

Insurance companies offer the insured additional financial cover to take care of any other expenses that are not covered in the policy. This could include things like travelling, food and other allowances.

Free Health Checkup

Another great benefit is the free health checkup that insurance companies offer. They offer the policyholder, periodic health checkups after every four to five claim free years. Insurers also offer policyholders cashless health checkups as well.

Dental Treatment

Insurance companies offer policyholders a cover for dental treatment once in every few years with sub-limits.

Bariatric Surgeries

Bariatric surgeries are now considered a life-saving procedure for obese patients. Hence, many insurance companies now offer cover for bariatric surgeries too.

It’s important to find out everything about your health insurance policy before making a decision. Plus, with the help of technology, you can now buy a health insurance policy online as well. Conduct proper research regarding the benefits you want and then choose the best health insurance plan for yourself.

By Eddy

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