Our home is, for the vast majority of us, the most expensive purchase that we will make. We usually put a deposit of our own money into our homes and it is common for us to continue to spend money on our home whether it be with our decor, the garden, extensions, home improvements etc.

We do this so that we can enjoy our homes but the sensible investor also knows that home improvements can potentially increase the value of their home. Two of the rooms which are of particular concern to purchasers are the kitchen and the bathroom. They are no longer just functional places, they are rooms which can make a statement and when it comes to fixtures and fittings, people are looking for quality items.

So, for example, if you were to give your bathroom a bit of a makeover and choose a new toilet, what should you be looking for?


The design that you choose should be in keeping with the style that you already have. If you have country style units, sink and bath, a sleek modern design would look out of place and similarly if you have an ultra modern bathroom, your choice of toilet should reflect that.

There are some fabulous statement pieces on the market, angular, rounded and so on that can be a real asset to your bathroom. Top Ten Water is a great site that you can check out that will show you the different types of designs that you seek to achieve.

Type of Toilet

You have such a range to choose from, you can have a close coupled toilet, a back to the wall toilet, a wall hung toilet, small toilets which are ideal for a cloakroom or you can even have a toilet which is combined with a bidet for your convenience. You can have a high cistern or a low cistern, the high cisterns can make the most of the ceiling height in high ceilinged properties.


Not all toilets are equal and the price is often reflective of that. More expensive toilets tend to use better quality fixtures and fittings, they have a better quality seat, which is very important for comfort, they have a better quality flush mechanism and are much less prone to breaking down or giving you problems, so it is always a good idea to buy what you can afford as you are unlikely to want to have to repeat the purchase any time soon.

Your Space and Requirements

You also have to take into consideration the space that you have, you can get toilets that protrude quite substantially, they do look good but if you have a small tight space and it means that your legs would be pressed against the sink when you sat down, that would not make sense. You should have room to move your arms, so again in a small space, choose a toilet that is less wide. If you or anyone in your home is less mobile, you may benefit from a toilet with a higher seating option. Measure your space and consider your requirements carefully.

By Eddy

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