They say memories are made of the past and Antonio Vendome’s story is truly an inspiration to many people who have fault starts at one in their lives. Like all other Italian immigrants who fled Italy to try their luck in the US, Antonio’s future was uncertain as he couldn’t figure out things running smooth as it later became.

Today, nobody can talk about the U.S real estate industry without mentioning Vendome’s name. Perhaps he has become a household name in the industry because of his tenacity and achievements he has made over the years. Raquel Vendome, the daughter of Antonio chose to work her way through by borrowing from her father. She says that after carefully listening to the calling of her heart, she deliberately chose to follow it wholeheartedly.

Antonio is not only a sharp business mind, but his kindness and service to humanity have left immortal marks on the minds of many. As for Raquel Vendome, pausing his dad’s dream remains crucial—she decided to further his father’s pursuit for a better place for humanity by studying children’s development processes. Like her father, Raquel had a moment in life when she had to choose a path that would turn around not only her life but also the lives of many people.

The Manhattan real estate developer Antonio Vendome did not just make a name for himself, but also made it possible for people to feel loved at the time of need. His major contributions to the development of the virtue of love came at a time when the US had been attacked by the terrorists on the popularly known 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre.

Vendome is a classic example of what is possible. He partnered with Philip Johnson to build a 14 story condominium that became the Urban Glass House in 2005. This expansive building is situated in Manhattan’s Soho community featuring 40 apartments and a fitness center.

Historic Awards

As celebrated name in the real estate industry, Johnson and Vendome have both been acknowledged for their huge contribution through establishments such as the Glass House which is located in New Canaan and 550 Madison Avenue. He is also recognized for being the first person to bag the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1979 and the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal in 1978.

His Touch with Fine Arts

Like any average person who is seen to have made it, it is ordinary to stay contended. But the story of Vendome is different. He did not let his successes in the real estate industry blind his profession. In fact, his achievements only served to stir up his commitment. He continued to grow his passion for fine arts and he made this a reality when he put up a 300-foot project that later became popularly known as the Habitable Sculpture. He is the epitome of what commitment and passion can do. He does not only bring his endeavors in real estate but also injects his unique work ethics, Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa of the Italian American Museum noted. The historic Habitable Sculpture has drawn a lot of praises, which will be there for many years to come. Together with Johnson, Antonio’s artistic design is captivating.

If you do not know who Vendome is, you only need to look at the New York Skyline and visualize Vendome’s significant contribution. The self-acclaimed real estate magnate provided New Yorkers with a unique sense of contemporary art that comes with style. Today, Raquel Vendome is designing a “Habitable Sculpture” that will sit on the 62 Street and New York Avenue.

This project is aimed at inspiring the minds of Americans with the help of Picasso and Braque’s creativity. The exterior of the building will be designed to feature cube structures and angular sides that will give a spectacular outlook. To bring out the best of this project, Nino will be working with some of the renowned architects.

Antonio’s humble beginnings are well documented. From a shoeshine boy from a humble background to a highly regarded investor, Antonio diligently worked hard to outperform the rest. Currently, Raquel Vendome is working alongside her father to rewrite the history once again.

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