Project Management Professional Certification Training is offered by the not-for-profit organization, Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP Certification is based upon PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). It is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The PMP exam is one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry. It is developed following an approach called Role Delineation Study (RDS) that helps in the optimization of the practical application of the skills imparted. This is done by ensuring that the methodologies and techniques taught are relevant in real-life scenarios, and not obsolete. Hence, PMP is revered by Government, commercial, and other organizations and business. Earning a PMP designation is going to prove vital for your growth in the field of project management. Refine your strategic competence and business management knowledge.


Being a sophisticated certification and examination in the market, there are certain conditions that are to be met to qualify for PMP certification. You must possess:

  1. A 4-year degree in bachelors.
  2. Experience for a minimum of 3 years.
  3. Experience for a minimum of 4500 hours in managing and leading projects.
  4. Education for a minimum of 35 hours in project management.

However, you can still apply if you do not possess a 4-year bachelor’s degree. If such cases, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Secondary Degree, like a High School Diploma, or other international equivalents.
  2. Experience for a minimum of 5 years.
  3. Experience for a minimum of 7500 hours in managing and leading projects.
  4. Education for a minimum of 35 hours in project management.

Still wondering who are the best suitable candidates for the course? The answer is professionals from every industry that requires the skill and right application of project management. To name a few designations: Project Managers, Associate Project Managers, Project Sponsors, IT Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Team Leaders, Senior Project Managers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Leaders, Project Team Members seeking PMP® or CAPM®, and many others.

Check the eligibility before applying for the Project Management Professional Certification and Training Course.

Benefits of PMP

  • Personal Growth: The skills acquired during the certification help you heighten personal development opportunities. Project management is not limited to a single industry, thereby, opening doors for the professional to multiple fields of work. Methodologies and techniques that assist you in handling complex real-life situations smoothly are taught. This provides you an edge over your competitors. Better performance guarantees success.
  • Market Value: Getting a PMP credential will result in improved credibility. Due to its worldwide recognition and the abilities and skills bestowed by PMBOK are of golden standard. Hence, a PMP certified professional is never going out of demand. The scope of work and market value rise tremendously. Job security and opportunities widen.
  • Better Pay: As your project management skills expand, so does your pay-scale. Professionals are paid with respect to the quality of work they provide to their organization. Salary hikes are almost immediate after getting PMP certified. You can put forth demands for an increase in the salary package.
  • Productive Networking: There are a number of forums and groups, online that are dedicated to project management and PMP-certified professionals frequently discuss their experiences, tricks, and tips to help professionals stay ahead from others associated with the industry. It extensively helps an individual in recognizing obsolete procedures and following an innovative approach while working on any project.
  • Ethical Soundness: PMP certification aids in creating an atmosphere of ethical fairness. Topics devoted to the code of conduct and personal behavior while working in a complex professional environment, such as the business industry, project management, etc. This ensures the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Better Adaptability: Professionals that make up the organization have to closely follow market trends and other such variables in order to improve its adaptability to the changes. PMP training helps you gain business agility. Good adaptability skills are essential as they keep companies lucrative.

PMI Membership

Membership with Professional Management Institute is going to provide with the vast wisdom of project and business management. It also enables you to pay for profession back by sharing your experience of the industry and help up-and-coming professionals. It is home to the world’s biggest project management community comprising of PMP certified professionals, retirees, etc.

Benefits of PMI Membership

  • International Acknowledgement: Global community of Project Management Professionals. There are local PMI chapters in many countries.
  • Stay Up-to-date: Access to PMI publications and knowledge
  • Download for Free: Get access to a free copy of PMBOK-guide
  • Job Search: Job search becomes convenient as you get access to PM Job Board.
  • Offers: Be eligible for attractive rewards and promotional offers like discounts, etc.
  • PDU Program: In order to keep your PMP credential, you would have to earn a sufficient amount of Professional Development Units (PDUs), getting a membership allows you to earn PDUs at no extra cost.

Types of Memberships

  • Retiree Membership: In order to be eligible for Retiree Membership means that you have retired from an active job with a minimum of 5 years as a PMI Member.
  • Group Membership: Valid only for universities and organizations. Minimum of 15 people who want PMI membership can apply through group membership and save big.
  • Student Membership: To apply for a Student Membership, you must be enrolled in a full-time ongoing course with educational institutes that are accredited by the USA, (or other international equivalents).

Project Management Professional is an essential credential for professionals looking to redefine their project management competency. It is globally revered and recognized prime certification on its kind. Clearing PMP is not easy. The failure rate is high, mostly in the first attempt. It is usually due to lack of studying or the right studying material. Therefore, enroll yourself for the Project Management Institute’s PMP certification and training for the necessary guidance. The credential is going to not only help you in personal growth and achieving worldwide recognition but also opens door to a diverse variety of industries. Sharpen your skills and gain an edge over the rest.

By Eddy

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