Not all people in the world get a second chance at anything. It is normal for people to lose something on the first try or chance, but most of them do not get another chance to try it again. Second chance can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to life threatening situations.

An armor is such a thing that can help you get a second chance at life. Armors are coverings of protection that provides safety to the person wearing it from all sorts of physical danger. Bulletproof vests are a form of armor. When someone wears a bulletproof vest, he or she can stay protected from the dangers of a bullet or even from a knife. Bulletproof vests are used worldwide for their usefulness in protecting the people who work to protect the common people, like military personnel and cops, because of the known dangers in their field of work. A bulletproof vest can prove to be extremely useful in giving them a second chance at life.

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULLET-PROOF VESTS: There are many sorts of bulletproof vests that can be found. They are made of thick material that doesn’t let bullets pass through it.  But basically, bulletproof vests are of two major types.

Covert Bullet-proof Vests: Covert Bullet-proof vests are worn under our normal clothing. The reason for that is to keep their existence secret from onlookers and other people. There are many people who would like to harm us physically, and sometimes, if a bullet-proof vest is worn under our skin, the secrecy helps us to protect ourselves from them.

Overt Bullet-proof Vests: Overt Bullet-proof vests as the name suggests, are worn on top of our natural clothing. They are extremely effective in protecting us from bullet and stab wounds. They are the type of vests we have seen worn by people working in the military and in the police departments as such vests help them get a second chance at life.

Bulletproof vests are also great for shielding us against bad weather conditions.


When it is the matter of bullet-proof vests, one must understand the main thing is the safety. The Company is undoubtedly the best manufacturer of bulletproof vests in all of Denmark. This Danish company has been ruling the market for bulletproof vests and helmets for several years now, beginning in the year 2009, and it has made quite a large position for itself. The bulletproof vests that are produced by this company are extremely well-tested before they are released to the market. All of their products are tested and are given proper certification by the National Institute of Justice, making them the sole company in Denmark that has received certification and registration by the National Institute of Justice. This proves why their products are stable, sturdy and provides utmost safety and comfort to whoever that wears it.

They also provide bullet-proof helmets to keep our heads protected from bullets. All their products are tested and give out outstanding results.


This is the only company which has been given certification by the NIJ, making it the most trusted company among all.

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