Every organization hires employees by conducting a round of interview. Many companies conduct written test also. The large concerns across the world hire employees by conducting several rounds of interviews and tests. They access several factors of the employees. They want to select the most suitable candidates in the organization and those candidates who prove their proficiency in the concerned areas.

The HR process of large companies is complicated. The HR managers not only review the IQ level of the candidates or their qualification, but also their skills and personality. Several candidates apply for a particular position in a company. But, the candidate should prove that he or she is most competent person for the position. So, the employers judge several factors and they use some methods to measure their personality, skills and their abilities. Some of the most reputed companies conduct coding test, aptitude tests and psychometric tests.

Coding test

One of the most important assessments of the candidate is the pre-employment assessment of their speed and efficiency. The candidates should not only prove their intelligence, but also their speed and efficiency. They should be able to deliver the specified task within the specified time and should always adhere to the deadline. The companies use different tools to conduct this test that includes basic coding, R stimulator, Database stimulator and full stack stimulator test. They conduct this test to access the speed of thought processing and grasping power of the candidate. Candidates who can grasp easily can deliver the work at the earliest. The candidate should also be able to complete the task quickly without being disturbed and should exhibit quick physical movements. So, such candidates can be considered as fast and efficient.

Aptitude test

The organization accesses the various intelligence levels of the candidates. So, they conduct a round of written test. They should test the reasoning power of the candidates in various areas. The candidate may not possess strong numeric reasoning, but may prove his proficiency in vocabulary reasoning. So, they should test the type of reasoning required to complete a particular task or a job. Such correlated tests are conducted to test the overall reasoning power of the candidates.

The two types of reasoning, a candidate should possess are fluid reasoning and crystallized reasoning. Fluid reasoning includes the ability to grasp novel concepts and to solve the problem using tools. They should prove their capacity to solve problems in novel situations. The fluid reasoning is categorized into three parts namely spatial reasoning, abstract reasoning and visual reasoning. The abstract reasoning is the ability to identify the shapes, patterns and designs. It also includes the skills of sequencing and understanding the order. The spatial reasoning includes the ability to understand the position of the objects. They should also understand the relationship between the two objects. So, they conduct written tests or practical tests to test these factors. The candidate possessing strong spatial skills can easily understand the components and parts of any device. They can easily handle the devices and understand the operations. The visual reasoning means the ability of the candidate to understand the concepts or situations by merely looking around them. They should understand the concepts and the world around them by looking around. The people with strong visual reasoning also possess strong visual reasoning. They can visualize the two-dimensional and three-dimensional patterns, objects, shapes, and understand the complex designs and set-ups.

Apart from fluid reasoning, the candidates should also possess the crystallized reasoning capacity. It is the ability to process the acquired information and perform the tasks. It includes the capacity to use language and comprehension, solve problems, develop logical and critical thinking, making decisions and judgment etc. The information that is acquired by visualizing or hearing should be effectively converted into words. So, the candidate should possess the capacity to use appropriate and effective words to convince their thoughts, ideas and feelings. They should use their logical ideas effectively to perform a task successfully. To perform complex tasks, a person should critically think about the strategies of completing the job. The candidate should use effective methods to solve the problem successfully. Before commencing any task, the candidate should be able to prepare the task plan and make proper decisions. The candidate should prove his capacity to judge the positive and negative aspects and make proper decisions.

This test is an important part of pre employment assessment of a candidate. The aptitude test is the overall picture of the four factors namely attention, memory, visualization and speed. The candidate should possess these four factors to prove their competency because to perform any task these factors are required. The candidates should prove their strong fluid reasoning power for certain positions such as IT help desk, animation and graphic designer, architects, etc. The candidates applying for managerial position, administrators or data analysts should prove their strong crystallized reasoning power.

Psychometric tests

The candidate should not only prove their high IQ level, but also their emotional competency. They should be able to resolve some problems of the organization effectively such as conflicts, communication gap, fear of employees etc. They should create peace and harmony in an environment. So, the companies conduct psychometric tests so that they can find candidates who can promote the culture of an organization. They reveal the key aspects of human personality that include positive personality, negative personality, motivation, and cognitive ability. The positive personality trait reveals the characteristics that a candidate should possess to create harmony and peace around them. The negative personality traits mean the traits that they should not possess because they cause conflicts and problems in the organization. The candidate should be self-motivated and should be able to handle the tasks independently and hence should prove their ability to overcome any situation independently. They should know the tasks that they should prioritize. The cognitive ability is the capacity to think in a logical manner and analyse any situation properly. They should be able to conclude about any situation effectively without any prejudice. The candidate should understand the factors that motivate a team to complete any task successfully.

The companies should always hire the right candidates who are suitable for the particular position and they should be able to contribute meaningfully to the organization. So, the companies should use the right tools and stimulators to know the capacity of the candidate for the particular position.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.